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Addiction Treatment, Nutritional and other Natural Brain Health Remedies

Read this January 2014 article discussing society’s failure to constructively address addiction issues and the mistreatment of those suffering from addictions and underlying mental and bio-chemical health issues. This excellent article was written after the overdose death of actor Phil Hoffman and it clearly demonstrates why the information below is so important to start sharing.

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Addiction is any physical or psychological dependence that negatively affect’s one’s life. It most commonly applies to substance dependency – namely drugs or alcohol. Most experts agree that addicts body chemistry has made an unhealthy change that must be reversed and that is often associated with withdrawal symptoms when the addicted substance is withheld.addiction 150x150 Addiction Treatment, Nutritional and other Natural Brain Health Remedies

Many experts now consider addiction a disease with many people genetically predisposed to addictive behavior. This contradicts the long held belief that it related to weak willpower and had no bio-chemical correlation. An addictive gene has been identified.

addiction1 150x150 Addiction Treatment, Nutritional and other Natural Brain Health RemediesBrain neurotransmitters are the body’s method of regulating mood and pain. People predisposed to addiction lack the same level of natural neurotransmitter stimulants and relaxants of other people – their neurotransmitters are not functioning properly. Anti-depressant medications “artificially” stimulate neurotransmitter performance. There are many natural remedies to help combat neurotransmitter malfunction caused by genetics, diet, stress, age and other environmental damage.

Traditional addiction treatment programs in the US focus on counseling and group therapy. Studies show they have a poor long-term success record. Alternative approaches addresses brain and neurotransmitter health hold great promise.

Natural medicine approaches to addiction include diet, supplementation and detoxification. The approach varies between disciplines but Chinese medicine, Chiropractic medicine, Neurofeedback therapy, Herbal medicine and Ayurvedic medicine all have established protocols proving helpful.

An example of some of the nutrients found to improve brain function and performance include:

It appeals to common sense that addicts may be malnourished and in need of nutritional supplementation and extra brain performance targeted nutrients to aid in their recovery and continued abstinence from addictions. Intense nutritional therapy has in fact become part of leading addiction treatment centers including for patients who can afford it regular 0 Addiction Treatment, Nutritional and other Natural Brain Health Remedies.

Perhaps the best single peer reviewed paper written on the bio-chemistry of addiction is titled “Addiction and the brain: the role of neurotransmitters in the cause and treatment of drug dependence,” by Denise Tomkins and Edward Sellers.

The article excerpt reads: “RECENT SCIENTIFIC ADVANCES HAVE LED to a greater understanding of the neurobiological processes that underlie drug abuse and addiction. These suggest that multiple neurotransmitter systems may play a key role in the development and expression of drug dependence. These advances in our knowledge promise not only to help us identify the underlying cause of drug abuse and dependence, but also to aid the development of effective treatment strategies.” Click this link to read the entire article - Brain neurotransmitters and addiction

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