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Amino Acids

Proteins are perhaps the most important compounds to sustain healthy life. Amino acids are the building blocks used to make proteins and peptides.neurotransmitters2 Amino Acids

Nitrogen containing organic acids that make proteins – protein building blocks common in many supplement products and MRPs (Meal Replacement Products) today. Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body and must be consumed from food or supplement sources. Non-essential amino acids can be made by the body from other nutritive compounds. Amino acids are particularly important in biochemistry – they are critical to life, and have many metabolic functions - particularly in building proteins needed by the body for cellular regeneration and health. They are particularly important in nutrition and are increasingly used in higher quality supplements and are even appearing as functional food additives.

In humans, non-protein amino acids also have important roles such as the biosynthesis of brain nuerotransmitters. Many amino acids are used to synthesize other molecules such as tryptophan, a precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin which promotes well being and when inadequately produced casuses depression. Taurine is a major amino acid in muscles and the brain. Taurine precise role is not fully understood but studies have shown it supports energy, can offset the damage caused by excessive caffeine. Of the well known 22 amino acids often found in high quality supplements, 8 are called essential amino acids since the body must get them through food or supplement sources. The individual amino acids are discussed in detail elsewhere in OWC’s Research library such as their key role in helping nourish brain performance and re-balancing of neurotransmitters to impact healthy decision making and improve well being. Behavior and mood altering drugs are designed to stimulate increased neurotransmitter production and uptake. Adding therapuetic dosage levels of amino acids may be an effective natural alternative to SSRI drugs like prozac. We believe amino acid supplementation will become a standard part of addiction and behavior therapy protocols as more is learned about their benefits when taken consistently in correct combinations and dosage levels.

To learn more about:

  • how amazing amino acids truly are
  • how they help prevent degenerative conditions of all types
  • how they help recovery from disease
  • how they help improve your energy, your mental focus and clarity, and your sexual performance
  • and why they are increasingly the focus of product formulations and superfood diet regimens,

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