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Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News
Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News

Anti-aging natural health news from experts – January 2, 2011 eNewsletter

logo.1 Anti aging natural health news from experts   January 2, 2011 eNewsletter
2010’s HOT natural health topic highlights, and 2011′s coming controversies and breakthroughs in natural healing. Plus insight on the exciting concentrated whole raw SuperFood movement (by Online Wellness Community – OWC)

Special Announcement (2010 and 2011 Hot Topics below):
Leading global health experts recently joined OWC including Dr. Andrew WeilDr. Deepak ChopraDr. Steven Joyal (science officer with Life Extension), and Dr. Ron Klatz (founder of A4M  – American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). OWC’s web traffic data from Q4 2010 indicates we are the fastest growing natural health expert news community in the world.

2010 Natural Health News Highlights:

2011 Natural Health Controversies (3 highlighted) and Breakthroughs (10 to Keey Your Eye On):

  • Corporate food conglomerates, the “pharmaceutical cartel,” and some government agencies continue attempts to suppress advancements in natural health, organic farming, improving our milk supply, and health choice freedom in the U.S. (SB 510 recently passing the Senate is an example).
  • Drug advertising flooding the media – the result – 25% of US children are now on prescription drugs. Drug discovery is an important aspect of high tech medicine. However, widespread over-use of drugs while “down playing” and suppressing natural remedies will be increasingly covered in 2011.  Leading websites simply do not explain to people the safe, effective and affordable natural alternatives. Explore an example of alternative natural therapies underused by reading OWC research library and featured member expert information on ADD/ADHD and Autism natural remedies. Epidemic use of prescribed drugs by children in US reference source – this Wall Street Journal article.
  • Failure of US health care reform – 2012 election posturing by our obsolete 2 party system will assure all of us hearing plenty in 2011 about this and other failings of the rushed legislative and appropriation agendas since the onset in 2007 of the US decession – the unavoidable consequence of widespread reckless underwriting practices by government, financial and insurance industry participants and an ineffective suffocating regulatory system.
  • Cell therapy global explosion – stem cells and other cell immuno-therapies coming of age
  • Ocean and water based food increasing use and resulting ocean farming industry explosion
  • Hydroponics coming of age as part of the world food supply shortage solution
  • Medicinal Marijuana use expanding to more states
  • Life expectancy declines for first time ever in “advanced” toxin and manufactured food laden countries
  • Holistic medicine, energy medicine, and understandings of manifestation and emotion related sciences will be increasingly scientifically validated paving the way for acceptance of complimentary medicine by more mainstream medical practitioners
  • Expanded use of Nutritional therapy for:
  • Sports performance
  • Nutritional IV use by more elite athletes
  • Advanced immune therapy while reducing disease treatment drug use
  • Drug & alcohol addiction treatment
  • ADD/ADHD – Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders

Superfood breakthroughs:
It is now easy and affordable to start everyday with raw superfoods.Watch this video of Dr. Mark Rudderham, OWC’s medical officer, explaining why this is so important and why you cannot meet your optimal nutritional needs with grocery store foods.

Superfood Specials – Medical Team Formulated Concentrated Superfoods – Take advantage of them:

  • Supreme Nutrition. Concentrated whole raw food meal replacement with plant protein sources (rice, hemp and pea – 65% protein by weight) surrounded by a wide array of raw superfoods including greens, grasses, vegetables, fruits with powerful antioxidants, probiotics and digestive enzymes – truly a broad spectrum nutrient dense calorie light meal replacement product designed to help weight loss, disease care, improved energy, brain performance, sleep and more. This medical quality concentrated raw superfood powder is not in retail stores. Click here to learn more or buy it now at guaranteed lowest allowable price.
  • Get Healthy Greens. Designed for those getting adequate protein from their existing diet but needing increased daily intake of premium medical quality disease fighting plant superfoods and antioxidants. This medical grade concentrated whole raw superfood powder is also not in retail stores. Click here to learn more or buy it now at guaranteed lowest allowable prices.

Future OWC eNewsletter Topics of Wide Interest Coming Soon:

  • Medical marijuana – the real story – its history and future
  • Exercise method breakthrough update – anti-aging implications of intense 20 minute interval training
  • Hormone replacement therapy update – common misunderstandings
  • Natural stress and sleep therapy breakthroughs
  • Easy and affordable assessment tests used by many of our featured member experts to design optimal nutrition therapy programs for patients
  • Why most nutrition supplement products and programs don’t work

Closing Comments:

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