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Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News


apricots Apricots Super healing fruit? Many think so. The book super healing foods started controversy suggesting apricots, not apples, were the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden story!

One of the oldest living persons areas in the world are the Hunzas in the Himalayans. Known as Khubani to the Hanza, apricots are a significant part of their diets.

Apricot’s anti-cancer properties derive from high beta-carotene content (50% of RDA per apricot) with only 50 calories. Beta-carotene rich diets are believed to significantly reduce risks of cancers and help the heart and other organs due to antioxidant properties.

Apricots also have good potassium and mineral content.

Dried apricots have 3x the nutrient and fiber value of fresh apricots. This fact alone should make a believer out of even the most ardent hard core raw foodies in the unparalleled nutrient power and caloric restriction benefits of eating superfood extracts daily.

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