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Cool grandmothers take young grandchildren wild asparagus hunting (and wild mushroom hunting) because a child’s eyes can spot asparagus shoots and flowers long off.

Over 100 varieties of asparagus exist in the world. For at least 2000 years it has been known as a healing food and used therapeutically for disorders from toothaches to infertility to cardiovascular disease.

A root vegetable, asparagus is best known for its high potassium (200% RDA per serving) helping blood pressure regulation and electrolyte balancing. But its detoxifying properties, and weight lowering and immune boosting properties may be as important. Its prostrate gland support nutrient asparagine is not available anywhere else.

Asparagus is high in folate too which helps lower the risk of birth defects and colon and cervical cancer.

asparagus Asparagus

The characteristic odor of asparagus in urine is due to kidney-bladder cleaning. High in B6 and a diuretic (along with artichoke, watermelon and cantaloupe), asparagus is an ideal dieter food.

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