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Do You Know Your Cellular Age?

Do You Know Your Cellular Age?

By Thomas Cifelli, OWC staff

A simple 5 minute test can help determine if you are doing everything you can to prevent accelerated degenerative aging. If you experience day-to-day aging signs you accept as normal but would like to consider ways to reverse or at least slow down the aging clock, then a simple inexpensive BIA test could be an eye opener on exactly what to focus on to achieve real health improvements and life extension naturally.

BIA tests are non-invasive and quick. BIA stands for BioImpedence Analysis. They immediately give your health professional results showing you’re the health of your cells including:

  1. Cellular Age
  2. Cell Membrane health
  3. Detoxification Capacity of Cells
  4. Body Composition (% of fat vs. lean tissue)
  5. Cell Hydration Levels

“Each health parameter marker compares your score with optimal scores for your age and gender. If you want to improve your score you can use the nutritional or supplemental suggestions,” according to Dr. Teresa Ramsey.

This BIA test is simple and inexpensive and can be used month to month to track your wellness performance based on lifestyle and diet changes. This immediate feedback is often very motivational to make and continue healthy living changes. These simple tests also give your health professional guidance and feedback so adjustments can be timely made.

So what are you waiting for? Find a qualified health practitioner today and go find out your REAL AGE! And start doing some simple affordable things to take a few years of your cellular age today.

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