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Stem Cell Therapy – Natural Medicine Coming of Age – Adult Stem Cell Therpay is the Future of Medicine Today

Adult Stem Cell Therapy Coming of Age – the Future of Medicine Today (originally published July 2010, updated September 2012)

by Tom Cifelli, OWC Executive Editor (reviewed by Dr. Mark Rudderham, NMD)


Advancements in stem cell therapy is the hot topic in medicine today. But for all the intentional confusion and controversy surrounding unnecessary and misguided embryonic stem cell research, most people would already know someone cured by adult stem cell therapy. This therapy is being suppressed by any number of interests that would lose revenue if doctors were trained in using your own adult stem cells as supportive therapy for your diseases. Globally, adult stem cell therapies exist for at least 50 different diseases, diseases that should be treated today in the US with the patient’s own adult stem cells if government regulation would get out of innovations way./1

Watch this video of Dr. Roger Nocera (Dr. Nocera formulated an advance wide array nutritional supplement, called “Cellular Essentials,” with Online Wellness Community’s Executive Director Tom Cifelli in 2007). In this video Dr. Nocera  discusses stem cell medicine and his new book “Cells That Heal Us From Cradle to Grave:” 0 Stem Cell Therapy   Natural Medicine Coming of Age   Adult Stem Cell Therpay is the Future of Medicine Today

Patients from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans are ready for treatment with their own adult stem cells, harvested from their own bodies. Now they can actually consider adult stem cell therapy in the US as part of FDA reviewed Investigative Review Boards.

As of September 2012, very very few US doctors have any experience in the more established aspects of regenerative medicine let alone adult stem cell therapy. Some like Cell Med Clinics in Scottsdale, Arizona, have experienced medical directors with 20 years of regenerative medicine experience and several years of hands on adult stem cell medicine experience and training. Few others have any meaningful experience, so be careful, always involve your current medical doctors and team in the consideration of adult stem cell therapy, and make sure you do not rush any decision. We suspect some people are or will be over promoting adult stem cell therapy, over charging for it, and suggesting it will help conditions where there is no evidence to support some of the uses they suggest. Hopefully regulators will not use a few bad apples as an excuse to continue suppressing availability of adult stem cell therapies in the US now that they are becoming available at affordable prices. And there is no doubt adult stem cell therapy is proving very effective for some conditions and applications such as joint and connective tissue injuries and disorders.

Background on All The Confusion Over the Safety and Efficacy of Stem Cell Treatments

Since the evidence suggests minimal if any risk of serious side effects when using your own adult stem cells, why has the US government been so opposed to allowing natural medicine experts to offer patients natural adult stem cell therapy with their own cellular tissue? Big money conspiracy? Probably.

The cost for adult stem cell treatments is dropping rapidly now that some legal clinics run by trained doctors are opening and operating in the US and soon Canada, such as the previously mentioned Cell Med Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Stem cell treatments, sometimes with amazing results, are occurring daily around the world. Patients apparently were paying upwards of $100,000 in offshore clinics. Surely this will rapidly change now that some US clinics are performing adult stem cell therapies for under $10,000 per treatment. As of 2012, more professional athletes than you realize are availing themselves of US based adult stem cell therapy with safe and excellent results connected to sports injuries. Many are extending their careers, and avoiding surgeries, through same day outpatient adult stem cell therapies emerging by leading doctors. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, based in Florida, now sponsors a Stem Cell Fellowship program, and its first 25 graduates including MDs from around the world will be completing this 1st program of its kind in the world early in 2013.

Advanced regenerative medicine, including stem cell medicine and other cell immuno therapies such as dendritic cell therapy and NK (natural killer) cell therapy, are far beyond a lab science despite most people, even doctors, in the US thinking its coming.

Stem cell medicine is real, is here, truly is the future of medicine, and is available right in the USA today.

More on Adult Stem Cell Medicine

For example, Click Here to read the Frequently Asked Questions from cancer patients seeking treatment at a South Florida Bone Marrow Stem Cell Clinic.

Stem cells will almost certainly be leading the regenerative medicine revolution on or before 2020 worldwide. Nutritional IV therapy (discussed in other articles and in Dr. Rudderham’s video on elite athlete nutrition) and stem cell therapy seem to go hand in hand. Nutrition IV therapy enhances stem cell treatment outcomes, and has been shown critical  in helping patients who have  beat cancer with natural therapy. Once everyone has affordable access to an array of natural medicine tools including trusted advanced super food supplements, nebulizer delivery devices that break down anti-oxidant nutrients small enough to get deep into airway tissue, frequent nutritional IVs, and occasional or as needed stem cell IV boosters, natural medicine miracle cures will be commonplace.

LIFE EXTENSION POLICY ISSUES (See Note at the end hereof on the policy concerns of widespread life extension success from applied sciences such as cell based therapies).

Stem Cell therapy should not be such a mystery today. Cynics believe big pharma is to blame for the controversy as it appears to be in their financial interest to delay stem cell therapy availability.

Definitional Background

Adult Stem Cells (ASC) are found in adult tissue. They are also referred to as Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), We will refer to them as ASCs herein.

This article focuses on ASC due to the growing consensus that Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC) are medically inferior and the wrong path for safe therapeutic application. As Doctor Roger Nocera (past medical director with an adult stem cell company) pointed out in November 2008,

“Research on ESCs is entirely unnecessary. When ESC scientists finish this research they will have made exactly precisely what we already have, allogeneic ASCs, except these new ASCs that are made from ESCs will cost a fortune. These allogeneic ASCs that we already have:


  • don’t cause tumors
  • heal diseases better than any ESC
  • have the ability to heal before immune rejection takes place
  • and they are as youthful and robust as any ESC.”


Dr. Nocera continued … “Something tells me there are financial rather than medical and scientific considerations at play here. We are going to pay through the nose for intellectual property and patent fees to make something we already exactly have. Moreover, by using the cytokine soak method we can multiply and grow these allogeneic ASCs from thousands into trillions of cells, cheaply making enough stem cells to treat everyone in the world who needs them very inexpensively. ASCs are not an inferior substitute for ESCs. Allogeneic ASCs are superior in every way imaginable to ESCs medically.”

Pluripotent stem cells 273x300 Stem Cell Therapy   Natural Medicine Coming of Age   Adult Stem Cell Therpay is the Future of Medicine Today

Adult Stem Cell Therapy Basics

Adult stem cells can be harvested from your bone marrow, fat and peripheral blood. This harvesting procedure is legal in the United States and Canada. Reintroducing your stem cells after lab processing is not yet legal in the United States but is available in foreign countries including Germany, Panama, China and soon Mexico and the Bahamas. Research to date confirms adult stem cells are the future of non-invasive regenerative therapy (Watch this video from a recent ant-aging conference that sheds light on this trend).

Once your stem cells are harvested, they are sent to a lab where they are purified, assessed for quality, and multiplied. They are then sent to a stem cell clinic for reintroduction to the patient. Since the stem cells come from the patient, there is no possibility for rejection as is a significant risk when using donor adult stem cells and certainly when using modified embryonic stem cells.

Miracle cures are occurring today by the use of adult stem cell therapy as a complimentary treatment in patient care. The costs remain very high but should decrease considerably once full service facilities are conveniently located by major population centers where cells are harvested, processed, grown and reintroduce all under one roof with complimentary natural and allopathic medicine part of the same facility.

The biggest problems today delaying perfection of adult stem cell therapies for all manner of disease are related to principally four items:

  1. legality of stem cell therapy on humans in advanced medicine countries suppressing innovation and training;
  2. degradation of extracted stem cells due to transporting them often times cross continental due to the problems and costs associated with flying to a foreign country stem cell therapy center to have your stem cells extracted then having to wait the 6 weeks to many months for the lab processing before reintroducing;
  3. poor patient care prior to receiving stem cell therapy including immune system damage from established care and a lack of serious detox, digestive function improvement and nutritional therapy guidance and protocols; and
  4. lack of intense dietary and nutrition counseling and protocols post ASC therapy (nutritional IV therapies are proving to greatly impact positive results from ASC therapy – use this site’s search box to learn more on nutritional IVs).

Another major problem more metaphysical and emotional than bio-science related is the fact that most medical practitioners are ignorant about ASC and complimentary therapies and as a result most patients seeking ASC therapy have been fed unnecessary, unhealthy and damaging negative thoughts and criticisms as opposed to loving care and support from traditional treating doctors. There is little doubt today that a persons mental and spiritual state impacts outcomes. The traditionally trained medical community will hopefully soon start embracing and encouraging complimentary medicine and treatments particularly advancements in natural lower cost medicine.

No Negative Moral Issue Surrounding Adult Stem Cell Therapy – Efficacy and Affordability are the Only Issues

The use of your own or donor adult stem cells have no ethical or moral issue. They pose no possibility for rejection since they come from the patient. According to various studies, stem cells isolated from a patient (i.e. from the bone marrow or fat) have the ability to become different cell types (i.e. nerve cells, liver cells, heart cells and cartilage cells). Studies have also shown that these are capable of “homing in” on and repairing damaged tissue.

ASCs Are Not All The Same

ASC potency has five strengths or definitions.

  1. Totipotent (a.k.a omnipotent) stem cells can differentiate into embryonic and extraembryonic cell types. Such cells can construct a complete, viable, organism. These cells are produced from the fusion of an egg and sperm cell. Cells produced by the first few divisions of the fertilized egg are also totipotent.
  2. Pluripotent stem cells are the descendants of totipotent cells and can differentiate into nearly all cells.
  3. Multipotent stem cells can differentiate into a number of cells, but only those of a closely related family of cells.
  4. Oligopotent stem cells can differentiate into only a few cells, such as lymphoid or myeloid stem cells.
  5. Unipotent cells can produce only one cell type, their own, but have the property of self-renewal which distinguishes them from non-stem cells (e.g. muscle stem cells).

Adult stem cell treatments have been successfully used for many years to treat a range of diseases. Adult stem cells are also widely used in veterinary medicine.

Human Treatments with ASCs



A number of adult stem cell therapies already exist with allegedly reasonable success rates on a wide variety of diseases including heart disease, cancer, parkinsons,spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders amongst a number of other impairments and conditions.

Index to SubPages:

Click on these links for substantially more detailed discussion and published data (by offshore clinics and scientists actually performing ASC therapy on humans).

The following is an excerpt from the Genetic Science Learning Center website:

Perhaps the best-known stem cell therapy to date is the bone marrow transplant, which is used to treat leukemia and other types of cancer, as well as various blood disorders.

Why is this a stem cell therapy?

Leukemia is a cancer of white blood cells, or leukocytes. Like other blood cells, leukocytes are made in the bone marrow through a process that begins with multipotent adult stem cells. Mature leukocytes are released into the bloodstream, where they work to fight off infections in our bodies.

leukocytes Stem Cell Therapy   Natural Medicine Coming of Age   Adult Stem Cell Therpay is the Future of Medicine Today

Leukemia results when leukocytes begin to grow and function abnormally, becoming cancerous. These abnormal cells cannot fight off infection, and they interfere with the functions of other organs.

Successful treatment for leukemia depends on getting rid of all the abnormal leukocytes in the patient, allowing healthy ones to grow in their place. One way to do this is through chemotherapy, which uses potent drugs to target and kill the abnormal cells. When chemotherapy alone can’t eliminate them all, physicians sometimes turn to bone marrow transplants.

In a bone marrow transplant, the patient’s bone marrow stem cells are replaced with those from a healthy, matching donor. To do this, all of the patient’s existing bone marrow and abnormal leukocytes are first killed using a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. Next, a sample of donor bone marrow containing healthy stem cells is introduced into the patient’s bloodstream.

If the transplant is successful, the stem cells will migrate into the patient’s bone marrow and begin producing new, healthy leukocytes to replace the abnormal cells.

Adult Stem Cell Transplant: Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant

blooddonation Stem Cell Therapy   Natural Medicine Coming of Age   Adult Stem Cell Therpay is the Future of Medicine Today

While most blood stem cells reside in the bone marrow, a small number are present in the bloodstream. These multipotent peripheral blood stem cells, or PBSCs, can be used just like bone marrow stem cells to treat leukemia, other cancers and various blood disorders. Since they can be obtained from drawn blood, PBSCs are easier to collect than bone marrow stem cells, which must be extracted from within bones. This makes PBSCs a less invasive treatment option than bone marrow stem cells. PBSCs are sparse in the bloodstream, however, so collecting enough to perform a transplant can pose a challenge.

Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplant

cordblood Stem Cell Therapy   Natural Medicine Coming of Age   Adult Stem Cell Therpay is the Future of Medicine Today

Newborn infants no longer need their umbilical cords, so they have traditionally been discarded as a by-product of the birth process. In recent years, however, the multipotent-stem-cell-rich blood found in the umbilical cord has proven useful in treating the same types of health problems as those treated using bone marrow stem cells and PBSCs.

Umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants are less prone to rejection than either bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells. This is probably because the cells have not yet developed the features that can be recognized and attacked by the recipient’s immune system. Also, because umbilical cord blood lacks well-developed immune cells, there is less chance that the transplanted cells will attack the recipient’s body, a problem called graft versus host disease.

Editorial Note:

Because stem cell therapy is not widely available for humans (stem cell medicine is widely practiced – and very affordable – in veterinary medicine today), the costs remain very high. ASC therapy should become a common part of the anti-aging and preventative medicine arsenal – not merely resorted to as a last case option for those fortunate enough to afford it. It may be the most important milestone to improving health care and controlling spiraling costs of our disease care model.


A troublesome consequence of cellular therapy aiding in extending life for lots of people is the potential increase in the global population and related negative consequences – increased societal financial responsibilities for elder care and increased pressures on ecological resources the two most obvious negative consequences. Increased global reproductive regulation, and the certain political and social policy debates attendant, may result someday to address the negative consequences of widespread effective life extension by adoption of Caloric Restricted diets combined with advancements in cell therapies. Let’s hope financial incentives suffice for voluntary participation in procreation abstinence as opposed to arbitrary political intervention. Such voluntary financial incentives coupled with social responsibility awareness alone has sufficed to arm the US military voluntarily for over 30 years. There is reason to be optimistic voluntary incentives alone will suffice to address the growing global population issue.

Reference sources:

1/Michael Fumento, “Why the Media Miss the Stem-Cell Story,” Citizen Magazine, May 2005,

2/University of Utah Genetic Science Center

3/ MediStem (its website)

4/ Dr. Roger Nocera, MD (his November 2008 blog post),

5/ Wikipedia and several other online sources

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