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A Kiss – sustainable energy booster and antioxidant nutrient?

August 20, 2010

Nutritional and health scientists talk about co-factors; those molecular elements needed for the body to make energy, neutralize free radicals, regenerate healthy cells, and eliminate toxins. Most of the breakthroughs in nutraceutical science, and 99.9% of the products targeting this market, relate to physical element co-factors needed internally by your body to maintain health.kissing1 A Kiss   sustainable energy booster and antioxidant nutrient?

What about those co-factors not physical molecules? Mental and emotional stress is created by your brain’s processing of informational and experiential data, not by consuming or exposure to physical substances as we define them. All doctors and scientists seem in agreement with the widely held belief that stress damages your physical health. So why is there disbelief on the opposite proposition – that metaphysical and emotional elements can greatly impact health positively? Many related wellness arts target this non-physical realm of nutrients that manifest themselves physically.

In this realm of metaphysical nutritive energy, what role does kissing, and love, play? (See “End Notes” below for reference to prayer, intention and related concepts with similar health implications)

Kissing, more broadly loving, is foundational to overall wellness. A lack of loving physical touch regularly in one’s life is increasingly associated by many with accelerated aging.

If you doubt this, watch this video viewed by nearly 500,000 people explaining how kissing helps you lose weight, maintain a healthy face and neck skin, stimulates digestive function and much moreVIEW NOW.

Love  may be the most if not only truly sustainable nourishing resource on this planet. There is no good reason for a shortage of it or anyone experiencing a lack of it. Excuses abound but no good reasons exist. This may be the most important lesson to learn, practice and share in life.

As other areas of OWC show, malnourishment – a deficiency of essential nutrients – contributes to depression and poor judgment. Suggesting there is a real connection between the physical and quantum physical (better known as meta-physical) realms. They are most definitely connected and only studied scientifically by a small fraction of experts compared to physical health.

In time this will be better understood. But for now love should be given, consumed and shared throughout one’s day generously … in lieu of all the bad habits we often occupy ourselves with when not treating others lovingly … such as eating terribly and/or too much.

A kiss is one of the doors to the amazing nutritive energy we call love. Even absent love, kind touching is believed to stimulate positive bio-chemical reactions in animals including humans as documented by many studies. Few people dispute this. So a kiss could perhaps be one of the most powerful health gifts one can give another.

Related End Notes:

  • Intercessory power of prayer. reported in June on a Brandeis University research study published in the Journal of Religion. Conclusion: It is difficult to scientifically prove the connection and as of yet it remains a belief and its impact clearly varies on the parties involved. The Washington Post has also covered this subject in the summer of 2010.
  • Metaphysical impacts on water molecules. Many books have been written on laboratoty reports of structural changes in water only explained metaphysically, such as by saying nice things to water in affirmation of its power and even writing smiley faces on water bottles impacting the “health” of water.
  • Many people believe the healing power of food is similarly connected to belief, impacting how your body processes it, and that the same food could have a different nutritional impact depending upon if you believe it to be healthy or not. The placebo effect comes to mind.
  • Perhaps you have read or heard about the impact of the chef in food preparation. Many believe the nutritional impact on your body is impacted by who prepares your food. So no matter how your day is going when it comes time to cook, be happy, patient and thankful. You have nothing to lose!
  • Obviously the mind is a very complex powerful thing we still have much to learn about.
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