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Cancer Care Controversy

August 22, 2010

“Medical Doctors are governed by Standards of Care in the US for patient diagnosis and treatment.  These standards for treatment of cancer include radiation, chemo, surgery and hyperthermia.  Nothing else is within standard.  This breeds a lot of fear among practitioners to do anything outside these options regardless of the amount of scientific research available to substantiate alternative choices.  The risk is not whether the alternative therapy will work, it’s whether the patient or some family member or an attorney or some combination get their knickers in a knot and decide to make it a medical-legal issue because there may be money in it even if the patient does well.” Dr. Mark Rudderham, OWC Medical Director.

Follow the links below to better understand why cancer care by many doctors in the US is lagging behind scientific advancements confirmed in many studies and trials.

  • CLICK HERE for a complimentary cancer therapy article.
  • CLICK HERE for cancer nutrients known to help prevent and fight cancer.
  • CLICK HERE for anti-cancer foods and herbs.
  • CLICK HERE for details about Essiac Tea, a popular cancer treatment aid derived in the 1920s by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse following a native Ojibwa recipe of Sheep’s Sorrel, Burdock root, Slippery Elm and Rhubarb.
  • CLICK HERE for a detailed index of cancer information on this site.
  • CLICK HERE for a complimentary heart disease therapy  article.
  • CLICK HERE for Dr. Fisel’s article on Syndrome X, the emerging #1 killer in developed nations caused by a convergence of factors including poor quality food, toxins in our environment, and overuse of drugs and medications.
  • CLICK HERE for an Adult Stem Cell article suggesting it is time adult stem cell therapy is legalized in the US.
  • CLICK HERE for Dr. Haas MD’s article on 10 Tips to Avoid Cancer
  • Natural Medicine is not low tech medicine. It embodies the complexity of nature. 80% of pharmaceutical drugs are derivations of plant chemistry (too much of a good thing as often as not when simpler healthier alternatives exist if your medical team had the right training and experience)
  • Naturopathic Medicine needs to be legal in all states. Naturopathic doctors should be part of every serious health “team” at leading clinics and their services covered by health insurance. The leading Naturopathic physician schools cross-train in conventional medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, physical medicine, herbalism as well as the mental and spiritual elements of healing. Naturopathy treats the whole person. “Alternative medicine” is a misnomer with inappropriate negative connotations.

Regarding stem cell medicine, you will bump into it being practiced in the US more and more. One would think when a doctor is working with the patients own cells it should nbot be heavily regulated. However if the cells are extracted and then re-processed at a lab, and they are out of your body for any meaningful period of time or additives, natural, nutraceutical or otherwise are involved, it seems the FDA takes the view that the clinical trial aspects for marketing drugs applies. In the US, much of the stem cell therapy advances are coming from DVMs as the use with animals is less regulated.

For those skeptics and cynics amongst us, a couple MD friends of mine recently suggested so much money is being made daily by conventional cancer and heart disease care that positive health care reform will not come without public outcry.  By reading the information on this site and spreading the world to help others you will help transform health care and positively impact lives merely by being more proactive and sharing your knowledge. That is the foundation of all effective change. If you or friends have expertise in these areas, please join free today and start interacting with the content on the site and publishing original works.

by Thomas Cifelli, Executive Editor

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