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celery CeleryEver wonder why celery is part of Bloody Mary’s? It is not because they are tall and garnish the glass well. It is because celery has been used since the Roman empire to balance acidic levels and dehydration after overindulgence.

Celery is 90% water yet is a protective alkaline food, neutralizing acidosis, increasingly shown by research to cause all manner of degenerative conditions and inflammation.

Celery is a pale form of super healing parsley. It has anti-stress, anti-bacterial characteristics and according to researchers at the University of Chicago, celery reduces blood pressure and cholesterol. Other heart health nutrients like potassium, Vitamin C and calcium are in celery.

Celery juice provides other urinary tract and blood cleansing benefits. Celery is often used in weight-loss diets, where it provides low-calorie dietary fiber and hydration. Celery contains androstenone which is not widely understood but a “hormone precursor” needed by both men and women.Celery seeds are also a great source of calcium, and are regarded as a good alternative to animal products.

Often wasted, the celery leaves should be used in salads or other parts of the meal, not thrown out as is generally done. This also applies to beets whose green leaves are some of the most nutrient dense greens usually wasted by most cooks.

For those of you who try to eat a carrot a day as a healthy low calorie appetite suppressing nutritious snack, consider adding a stalk of celery as well.

Here is an interesting blog on celery from Science of Herbalism:

“The Chemistry Behind the Crunch

Celery is an excellent source of a number of vitamins and minerals. The leaves are high in vitamin A, and the stalks deliver vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C. Celery is also a good source of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium.

While some of the health claims for celery are less fact than folklore – for example, the idea that it functions as an aphrodisiac is scientifically unfounded – others have been proven by research.

- A University of Chicago study showed that celery lowers blood pressure because it contains a compound called Phthalide, which dilates blood vessels.

- Celery’s diuretic properties can be traced to its combination of sodium and potassium.

- The high fiber content of celery makes it a valuable aid in weight reduction because it creates a feeling of fullness without adding extra calories, and the high fiber content also makes it an effective natural laxative.

- Celery seeds contain high levels of calcium, which contributes to overall health in a variety of ways ranging from bone strength to mental clarity and immune support.”

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