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SyncroDestiny – Attaining Wellness by Dr. Deepak Chopra, an OWC featured member


Transcript of the Video Interview:


TRINA: Hi I’m Trina Becksted with Holistic Healing News and our guest today is Dr. Deepak Chopra from the Chopra Center. He’s a world-renowned best selling author, humanitarian, and a philosopher. What we’re here to talk about is his SynchroDestiny, the program that they have. Welcome Deepak.

DEEPAK: Thank you.

TRINA: Deepak, what is Synchro Destiny a la Chopra style? And do people come here so they can sync up with their heart’s desires?

DEEPAK:SynchroDestiny is a word I call it; a combination of synchronicity and destiny. So when your intention orchestrates synchronicity in the field of infinite possibilities, then you create your own destiny. The course is based on the understanding that we shift our identity from local ego identity into non-local consciousness identity or what we call core consciousness. Then because we enter the field of infinite possibility and uncertain and creativity and co-relation, there is something called Observer Effect. The intention orchestrates its own fulfillment through synchronicity or meaningful coincidences, so that’s what were learning here and that’s what I’m teaching here.

TRINA: Deepak you were a practicing Endocrinologist and Chief of Staff at Boston Memorial Hospital. What is it that led you to become interested in quantum physics and theory and quantum science? It’s almost innate in you.

DEEPAK: Well, physical by training. My training was in Nuero Endocrinology, which is the interface between consciousness and biology. The field of nueropeptides, or the molecules of emotion. So I was already seeing the effects of consciousness on biology in my practice and I was also understanding there was a scientific basis for the explanation. I extended my understanding of healing it went form physical to emotional to spiritual to environment and social. So really when everything I do is still about healing, healing being holistic and being related to the word holy or health, they are all the same word. So healing is the return of the memory of wholeness and our understanding of synchronicity is the understanding of the cosmic mind. Which is part of the wholeness

TRINA: Deepak, given this time of uncertainty and fear we would love to know what are some tools that people can use, so they can help be empowered and realize that were in a transition place. That we are raising our consciousness, that things are not working the way they were, so its time for a change. But, there’s a lot of fear ourtthere. What are some tools that you can share with people?

DEEPAK:If you understand consciousness and if you understand how to access the deeper domains of your consciousness and if you understand how to actually activate those deeper domains of your consciousness, which are non-local, which means they transcend space, time, and causality. Then you will understand there are also tools to do that. But, also tools to activate intuition, insight, creativity, imagination, conscious choice making, but also to activate dormant potentials, which by ordinary scientists are miraculous.

TRINA: This is so important and people probably ask you this all the time; where does our Soul reside?

DEEPAK: The soul transcends space, time, energy and commission, and the world of objects. So we can’t say where does it reside, because “where” implies a location in space-time to something that does not occupy space-time. So the word resides in the mind, the mind resides in the body, the body resides in a deeper domain, which is consciousness where the Soul is, where the Collective Soul is, and the universal domain of spirit is.

TRINA: So we still don’t know then how to access our Soul?

DEEPAK: We access our Soul through reflective self-inquiry, through mediation, through the experience of love, through karma yoga and through a deeper understanding that we can access thought.

TRINA: Deepak thank you for being with us today! It was such a pleasure to see you again.

DEEPAK: Your welcome.

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  1. Posted May 3, 2011 at 04:14 | Permalink

    Excellent interview with a master healer. I have Deepak Chopra’s SynchroDestiny audio CD program from many years ago. I am currently listening to it and learning from it. Very applicable stuff! I still have far to go though and it is all very interesting.

    Dr. Chopra mentions on that CD program that we all have to look at ourselves in the mirror and repeat to ourselves that we are not affected by the praise, or condemnation of others, that we are not above, or below anyone, and that we have no fear in the world. With such an affirmation enlightenment may be achieved.

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