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The Winds of Change

To change oneself is to flow with the force of life itself. When we resist change we place ourselves at odds with this constant of life. The question becomes how do we embrace change in our own lives and then inspire others to do so as well? This is especially poignant at a time when many of us see and feel that we need to change our collective course for the good of the planet.

First we must see the need to change. In many traditions a life-altering change is referred to as the knock of the Spirit. Usually it’s a crisis large enough to make us want to change. Most spiritual traditions have different maps for working with change.

In the Medicine Way we learn to embrace change as a constant in life and work with it as soon as it shows up. This is a beautiful way to live and it eliminates a lot of suffering. One way the conscious person works with change is to realize that it leads to transformation always. If we remember this, then we can stay out of fear when change appears. It is very difficult to work with a force in life like change when our thoughts and actions are held captive by fear. Change requires growth, and growth requires moving outside our past and programming. Fear keeps us in the past and into programs on how to avoid pain. If we remember that change always leads to transformation, then we are conscious. When we are conscious we remember we are not who we think we are. Next we remember that our current set of circumstances is not what it appears to be! We are then ready to stop and contemplate how we brought on this force of change in our lives. We are ready to flow with it instead of resisting it. In the Medicine Way we use the four directions to work with this force called change and most everything else in life.

The four directions of the Medicine Wheel are forces in life and they are very effective for working with it. Each direction also corresponds with MEST (Matter, Energy, Space and Time). When change shows up we stop, recognize it, and go to the East direction to receive clarity. We can’t begin any journey worth taking without clarity and another property of the East: vision. The East is also the direction of Time and we need time to work all this out.

Then we go to the West, the direction of Space, Feeling and the Heart. This change in our lives is going to require us to expand our Space. Whatever this change is, it’s going to take up some space when it becomes our physical reality. In the West we can use feeling produced by our intuition and take Heart while working with change. We are then ready to move back and forth on the line from East to West to get as much clarity and heart on the change taking place and to create the time and space for it.

Once we are finished with the East/West line we move South to receive the energy and power to participate consciously with the change in our lives. This brings the warmth of the South winds, which center and calm us before we move North. Now it is time to move North and anchor the change in Matter, the physical. This brings a new strength to our lives. Strength is the reward for working consciously with our lives and the forces that guide us all.

Most of us have realized at one point or another in our lives that we can only change ourselves. We do, however, often underestimate our abilities to impact others and our world. When we work with the force of change consciously in our lives, and remember who we are, we inspire others to ignite this force in themselves. When we heal ourselves we heal our world.

John English is the award-winning author of “The Shift” and “The Little Book on Relationship,” He is the founder and chairman of DreamTime LLC. He resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and is available for private sessions. For more information regarding John’s seminars and workshops please visit Dreamtime,LLC

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