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Preventing and Beating Cancer

Cancer Is Man Made, Avoidable and Now the Leading Cause of Death in Developed Nations

For recent information on how nutrition supplementation is proving to help avoid and beat cancer watch this video of Dr. Wagner of the Cancer Center at the University of California San Diego calling for change in cancer treatment in the US without delay.

Since the late 1970s evidence has been mounting that cancer is a man made disease. Increased toxin exposure and lousy diets are the main culprits. Scientific evidence now supports this common sense hypothesis. Not only is cancer preventable, modern regenerative methods for treating cancer are having excellent results.

The lousy diet component is due to the commercialization of the food industry – corporate farming and mass produced manufactured foods. Before the commercialization of our food industry, most people ate much better and less.

The increased toxin component stems from synthesized chemicals permeating all aspects of our society today; they are in water, soil, air and all manner of food and household products.


Aside from common sense, analysis of ancient bodies confirms cancer did not exist while heart and other common chronic diseases did. The evidence of degenerative body tissue – tumors – is lacking in studying ancient human and animal tissues. Other evidence also supports the belief that tumors are a recent phenomenon.

Professor Rosalie David, co-author of the recently published related study states, “There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer. So it has to be a man-made disease, down to pollution and changes to our diet and lifestyle.”


Today’s cancer care in the US is focused on chemotherapy, other drugs, radiation and surgery. THIS IS NOT THE BEST MEDICINE when considering global standards and published results of alternative cancer care specialists patient experience using different approaches according to Dr. Rudderham in his piece on Cancer Care Breakthroughs. Read this detailed article for an introduction to effective more natural methods used by emerging experts treating cancer patients.

As Dr. Joseph Mercola recently wrote, “The medical industry as a whole is resistant to change, and you likely will not see any major revisions to conventional cancer treatments anytime soon. Remember the words of German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer who, 200 years ago, said all truth goes through three stages:

  • First it is ridiculed
  • Then it is violently opposed
  • Finally it is widely accepted as self evident.”


The major lifestyle problems causing cancer are believed to be:

  • Vitamin D and antioxidant nutrient deficiencies
  • artificially high blood insulin levels due to eating sugars and processed carbohydrates
  • lack of exercise
  • excess weight (and associated toxic storage in fat cells)
  • insufficient deep sleep (sleep nutrient info)
  • stress
  • frying and charbroiled foods
  • poor quality drinking water
  • environmental toxin exposure

For detailed information on cancer nutrition, foods that help prevent cancer, and information on regenerative medicine practitioners achieving impressive cancer treatment results today, CLICK HERE.

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    For an introductory article by Dr. Rudderham on Natural Medicine Cancer Care Breakthroughs follow this link:

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