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Key Attributes: Brain, Immune, DeTox, Weight Loss, Cancer, Antioxidant


Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals. Some varieties are complete foods with amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, fiber and more. It benefits brain tissue, sensory nerves, spinal cord, nails and blood vessels. Seaweed can help hair loss, obesity and ulcers. Seaweeds protect against effects of radiation and are a  natural source of B12 and a wide variety of micronutrients. Seaweed has long been a staple in the diets of some of the oldest living cultures on earth. Commonly known varieties include brown seaweed (in the kelp family), dulse and nori.seaweed 150x150 Seaweed


Brown seaweed, also known as wakame and brown kelp, is a commonly used ingredient used to flavor Asian soups and salads.  Sea farmers in Japan and Korea have grown brown seaweed for hundreds of years, but it has only gained popularity in the United States since the 1960s when it became widely available in natural and Asian grocery stores.

Promotes Weight Loss

All seaweed – kelp, nori, and dulse kombu as examples, remove harmful acids and aid metabolism besides having a wide nutrient array.

Brown Seaweed contains high concentrations of Fucoxanthin, a compound that reduces the accumulation of fat becoming popular in some supplements.  This compound targets abdominal fat in particular and may help reduce fat accumulation around the mid-section, according to scientific studies. It may become a popular weapon against Syndrome X, predicted to be the leading cause of death in developed nations – read Dr. Fisel’s related article.

seaweed salad 150x150 SeaweedFucoxanthin stimulates a protein, UCP1 that causes fat oxidation and conversion of energy to heat.  This protein is found in white adipose tissue, which is the fat that surrounds internal organs.  Since the abdominal area has an abundance of this type of fat, fucoxanthin may be especially effective in shrinking the gut.

Helps the Immune System

Fucoidan is a sulfated-polysaccaride found in various species of brown seaweed.  Fucoidan can help modulate the immune system by reducing the extremes of cellular activity, either by stimulating or inhibiting.  It can either boost the immune system when it is deficient or it can suppress the immune system when over-stimulated.

This modulating agent works by improving inter-cellular communication.  The immune system depends on this communication to coordinate cellular defense, apoptosis, cell attack and repair processes.  Fucoidan may also cause an increase in the number of white blood cells which help the body fight against infection.

Helps Support Circulation

The fucoidan found in brown seaweed has been shown to support healthy blood flow and cardiac functions. Strong blood flow helps the organs in the body to work more efficiently for a healthier all around feeling.  If the body’s organs operate efficiently, the effects of wear and tear from the normal aging process are reduced.

Fucoidan may also help slow the absorption rate of glucose, into the blood stream, minimizing the potential damage caused by high blood sugar levels.

Other Benefits

Some studies have found that the properties found in brown seaweed may work as an antioxidant, an anti-inflammatory and help the body to maintain normal cholesterol levels.  Some scientists believe brown seaweed may be used to help prevent cancer. Skin care products increasingly use seaweeds as part for their formulations for cell nutrition, protection and renewal properties.

How to Use It

Some types of seaweed can be consumed as a food in salads or soups, such as miso soup.  Seaweeds are also available in supplement form found in health and natural food stores. Japanese restaurants including sushi bars all offer seaweed salads – take advantage of them every chance you get.seaweed dish 150x150 Seaweed

As with any supplement, there are potential health risks and interactions so it is important to consult with your health care provider or herbalist before using brown seaweed supplements, or consuming it on a regular basis.


This is an amazing recipe and wonderful raw organic food chef. Onions, lemon, chili, pepper, vegetables and more are included. It is worth watching the full 10 minutes as it is loaded with nutrition and cooking tips. 0 Seaweed


Unfortunately seaweeds are not thoroughly understood or covered in the literature. Many leading nutrition books on healing foods and superfoods do not even address them. Sea grasses, vegetables and other plants we believe will be the next generation of superfoods along with already well known spirulina and chlorella. Consider it has only been since 2005 that we began to see astaxanthin and fucoxanthin appearing in supplement formulations. One of OWC’s founders may have been the first to add 4mg or more to each daily serving pack of a high potency wide array supplement for anti-aging clinic patient use. Primary OWC base researcher – Thomas Cifelli.

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