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Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News
Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News
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Press Release, March 4, 2011, Online Wellness Community

Online Wellness Community (OWC) Emerging as Web Leader of Natural Health

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—(MARKETWIRE—March 5th, 2011)—OWC (online at: is quickly emerging as the leading internet venture in the natural health and anti-aging industry. The community is earmarking its accolades, only nine months after entering the market sector.

OWC is the fastest growing internet venture in the natural health and anti-aging industry, and is quickly becoming the WebMD™ of natural health and the FaceBook™ of leading anti-aging experts.

Leading global experts like the founder of anti-aging medicine, Dr. Ron Klatz, have already joined the community. See his exclusive interview on OWC’s Wellness TV (online at:

“We are deploying proprietary technology to virally grow the world’s largest independent commission-based sales force to promote healthy and sustainable living through trusted breakthrough education,” remarks Tom Cifelli, Executive Editor of OWC.

OWC’s newly developed and proprietary Web 3.0 network technology will change the online wellness industry forever.

As Cifelli describes it, “Our proprietary direct member rewards technology (DMR) makes every member, for free, a contract sales rep with tiered referral cash commission rights that could generate significant income for members who introduce others to OWC’s valuable information and leading experts. This goes beyond Web 2.0.”

OWC’s advanced publishing software allows natural health experts to provide educational information on nutrition, natural remedies and anti-aging science while retaining complete control over their content to keep it current. “OWC is a powerful way for experts to promote and align themselves with other trusted leaders in life extension and wellness sciences. Our information is original content from experts, not recycled headline news like most natural health and wellness sites. And we offer other important services to our member experts,” Cifelli adds.

“Our proprietary technology is designed to give all members, experts and the general public – for free – a greater vested interest in OWC’s success than they have with any other web media or e-commerce company,” Cifelli explains.

“OWC’s objectives include promoting natural and preventative medicine experts; inclusive of naturopaths, acupuncturists, herbologists and other holistic medicine professionals,” Cifelli says.

To learn more about the fastest growing internet venture in the natural health and anti-aging industry, please visit:

About: OWC is designed from the ground up for leading experts in the natural health, anti-aging and food/plant sciences to professionally promote themselves through education.


Tom Cifelli, Executive Editor

Phone: (888) 902-0085

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