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Vitamin B12 – Cobalamin

Key Benefits: energy, immune, skin, nervous system, stress

Vitamin B12 helps in the formation & regeneration of red blood cells, thus helping prevent anemia; B12 is necessary for carbohydrate, fat & protein metabolism; B 12 helps maintains a healthy nervous system; B12 increases energy, and B12 is needed for calcium absorption. Many people are B12 deficient (as are many with Vitamin D, glutathione and other difficult to get and absorb but essential anti-aging nutrients.

Watch this doctor explain why B12 deficiency is such a problem and all the benefits of maintaining good levels:

0 Vitamin B12   Cobalamin

It is difficult to get sufficient B12. Injections, sprays or sub-lingual supplements are the conventional methods to supplement B12 levels. There is little concern about too much B12; your body seems able to eliminate or store safely any excess but deficiencies can cause a cascade of problems.

B12 along with other B vitamins are natural and healthy energy boosters. Caffeine, the most common drug used in the world today, is addictive and used in place of sufficient natural B vitamins and essential amino acid levels by too many people.

Bio-Availability and Deficiency

Vitamin B12, like glutathione, is one of those amazing nutrients that help protect you from disease and extend youthful health yet most people are severely deficient in. There are two main reasons.

First, B12, like glutathione, is not easily obtained from food and oral supplements also prove insufficient because these molecular substances ar enot readily absorbed through the GI tract. Recently some manufacturers of supplements are claiming to have bio-vailable forms of these nutrients you can swallow. Nevertheless the favored delivery systems for maximal supplementation remain injectibles (syringe, IVs etc). Sublingual B12 supplements are popular as there is evidence a good amount enters the blood stream when dissolved in the mouth.

Second, B12 is most readily available in animal food sources – meats, fish, dairy. So vegetarians and especially vegans are likely to develop significant deficiencies of they fail to supplement effectively. Or so it is believed based on clinical evidence today.

Learn about other B vitamins and why they are so important and seem to work in connection with each other (natural co-factors).

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