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Dr. Stan Burzynski, Burzynski Cancer Institute, Leading Paradigm Shift in Targeted Gene Cancer Therapy

In December 2010 OWC conducted this exclusive interview with Dr. Burzynski on the results being experienced in his FDA Phase II cancer treatment studies using amino acid derived peptide drugs that target turning off identified cancer genes. This method is known as individualized gene targeted therapy and appears to be the future of high tech pharmacological medicine.  Click here to view this exclusive and very exciting interview with Dr. Burzynski.

Dr. Burzynski discusses these major breakthroughs in this interview:

  • his targeted drug discoveries kill malignant cancer cells without killing healthy cells
  • his clinic’s results, even with advanced cancer patients, are today substantially better than the one size fits all model of drugs, radiation and surgery practiced by most cancer centers
  • his medical facilities include over 20 doctors, a research facility and a drug manufacturing facility all in Texas

Unfortunately the FDA has not yet established a procedure for studying the effectiveness of integrative care (Click here to watch a video describing what integrative care and holistic medicine is).

Off camera Dr. Burzynski shared that his clinic has a very advanced integrative care model (except for those patients part of the FDA reviewed trials aimed to allow marketing of Dr. Burzynski’s new drugs as effective cancer fighting drugs).

The best results at the Burzynksi clinics and other advanced cancer treatment centers in the US and abroad are being obtained with integrative cancer therapies discussed in more detail in our Research library (click here to learn much more about advanced integrative cancer care).

Click here to view our exclusive and very exciting interview with Dr. Burzynski at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine conference in December 2010.

noimage Dr. Stan Burzynski, Burzynski Cancer Institute, Leading Paradigm Shift in Targeted Gene Cancer Therapy

buyamzon button Dr. Stan Burzynski, Burzynski Cancer Institute, Leading Paradigm Shift in Targeted Gene Cancer Therapy

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  1. Posted November 20, 2011 at 14:01 | Permalink

    This article is interesting as it highlights movement in cell medicine therapies. This vaccine apparently targets increased T-Cell activity. Much information throughout OWC sheds light on cell medicine including immune system therapies. OWC neither endorses nor promotes the following shared article:

    By Rivka Borochov (republished here)

    Breakthrough: Israel is Developing Cancer Vaccine 153K Share

    Vaxil’s groundbreaking therapeutic vaccine, developed in Israel, could keep about 90 percent of cancers from coming back.

    As the world’s population lives longer than ever, if we don’t succumb to heart disease, strokes or accidents, it is more likely that cancer will get us one way or another. Cancer is tough to fight, as the body learns how to outsmart medical approaches that often kill normal cells while targeting the malignant ones.
    In a breakthrough development, the Israeli company Vaxil BioTherapeutics has formulated a therapeutic cancer vaccine, now in clinical trials at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem. If all goes well, the vaccine could be available about six years down the road, to administer on a regular basis not only to help treat cancer but in order to keep the disease from recurring.

    The vaccine is being tested against a type of blood cancer called multiple myeloma. If the substance works as hoped — and it looks like all arrows are pointing that way — its platform technology VaxHit could be applied to 90 percent of all known cancers, including prostate and breast cancer, solid and non-solid tumors.

    “In cancer, the body knows something is not quite right but the immune system doesn’t know how to protect itself against the tumor like it does against an infection or virus. This is because cancer cells are the body’s own cells gone wrong,” says Julian Levy, the company’s CFO. “Coupled with that, a cancer patient has a depressed immune system, caused both by the illness and by the treatment.”
    The trick is to activate a compromised immune system to mobilize against the threat.

    A vaccine that works like a drug
    A traditional vaccine helps the body’s immune system fend off foreign invaders such as bacteria or viruses, and is administered to people who have not yet had the ailment. Therapeutic vaccines, like the one Vaxil has developed, are given to sick people, and work more like a drug.

    Vaxil’s lead product, ImMucin, activates the immune system by “training” T-cells –– the immune cells that protect the body by searching out and destroying cells that display a specific molecule (or marker) called MUC1. MUC1 is typically found only on cancer cells and not on healthy cells. The T-cells don’t attack any cells without MUC1, meaning there are no side effects unlike traditional cancer treatments. More than 90% of different cancers have MUC1 on their cells, which indicates the potential for this vaccine.

    “It’s a really big thing,” says Levy, a biotechnology entrepreneur who was formerly CEO for Biokine Therapeutics. “If you give chemo, apart from the really nasty side effects, what often happens is that cancer becomes immune [to it]. The tumor likes to mutate and develops an ability to hide from the treatment. Our vaccines are also designed to overcome that problem.”

    For cancers in an advanced stage, treatments like chemo or surgery to remove a large tumor will still be needed, but if the cancer can be brought down to scale, the body is then able to deal with it, Levy explains. ImMucin is foreseen as a long-term strategy — a shot every few months, with no side effects — to stop the cancer from reoccurring after initial treatments, by ensuring that the patient’s own immune system keeps it under control.

    In parallel, the company is also working on a vaccine that treats tuberculosis, a disease that’s increasing worldwide, including in the developed world, and for which the current vaccine is often ineffective and treatment is problematic.
    Based in Ness Ziona, Vaxil was founded in 2006 by Dr. Lior Carmon, a biotechnology entrepreneur with a doctorate in immunology from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot. In June, Vaxil signed a memorandum of understanding to merge its activities into Sheldonco, a company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

    For more info about this incredible vaccine, visit Vaxil on the web at

  2. Posted November 17, 2011 at 04:41 | Permalink

    In November 2011 I attended a presentation in Scottsdale by executives with TGen and BioAccel. Cancer survivors based on these new gene based targeted therapies were on the panel. Effective new drugs are emerging from the pharmaceutical industry in connection with major universities and non-profit research joint ventures (like with T-Gen) that already are saving lives. The panel mentioned efforts to speed up FDA approval should be supported as many breakthroughs are being approved in other countries first. They mentioned part of the problem is due to these new therapies being genetic test profile targeted, resulting in high failure rates when study participants are a cross section of average patients verses only appropriately screened patients. High failure rates result where high success rates would be expected to result if only used on genetically suitable cancer patients. Dedicated cancer centers like the Burzynski Alternative Cancer Clinic and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston are some of the facilities working on breakthrough personalized medicine treatments based on genetic and other new testing methods. These targeted drugs are showing great promise at killing or preventing replication of only cancer cells, not healthy cells. This cell medicine is the future of high tech medicine and very exciting.

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