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Family and Retirement Health Investment Act of 2011

The pending Family and Retirement Health Investment Act of 2011 legislation is a breakthrough. For the first time it provides for the US federal government to subsidize natural and preventative health care. Natural Products Association Executive Director and CEO John Gay expressed support for this legislation.

“The Natural Products Association (NPA) supports legislation introduced in Congress by Senator Orrin Hatch and Representative Erik Paulsen that would allow Americans to use their Health Spending Account and Flex Spending Arrangement dollars on dietary supplements and meal replacement products. We believe this would be an important step in promoting preventative health and wellness, and reducing overall health care costs. Current law allows these dollars to be spent on prescription drugs but not supplements. NPA supports increased access to supplements as part of our health care system so that it is truly a health care system and not simply a disease treatment system.”

Mr. Paulsen continued, “In the long run, wider use of supplements can lead to substantial health care savings. For example, studies have shown that an increase in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce coronary heart disease among people age 65 or older, saving an estimated $3.1 billion. By establishing tax deductibility for specific products through HSAs and FSAs, the legislation encourages preventative care and promotes public health. That’s not just the smart thing to do. It’s the right thing to do.”

We at OWC have not yet reviewed this proposed bill, and hope it also addresses the widespread problem of health insurance policies not covering any preventative care consultations and most services of natural health and anti-aging professionals.

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