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telomeres, antiaging enzymatic breakthrough

Over ten years ago, I learned about a biotech company called Geron Corporation. They’ve taken what we know about the telomere and explored the possibility of manipulating its length in order to stop cells from aging. Ever since they were founded in 1990, they’ve remained at the cutting edge of telomere biology.

The next amazing step in the science occurred when Geron researchers found that the key to anti-aging lies in an enzyme your body makes called “telomerase.” It can take control of the aging process by rebuilding the end of your telomeres to remain the same length with each new cell division.

We all have the gene to make telomerase, but it’s switched off.

They were exploring the possibility of inserting a gene for telomerase into aging cells or developing a drug to turn on the gene for telomerase when they hit upon a natural compound that turns on telomerase and rebuilds an aging telomere.

It comes from an ancient Chinese herb that grows in temperate northern climates. It turns out that the herb Astralagus contains small amounts of a molecule named telomeres activation therapy that throws the switch on the gene that makes telomerase.

(from Dr. Al Sears, MD)

The problem is, you can’t just take Astralagus and stop aging. You need a highly concentrated form of telomeres activation therapy as an extract. It has to be pure, free of toxins, and only comes from certain species of the plant.

Geron licensed the product to a company I’m working with. They have found it in a small region of China. They harvest tons of plants from a few select farms, each of which contains twice the normal concentration of TA-65.5 Through a unique extraction process, they’ve found a way to isolate this miraculous anti-aging molecule in its purest form and then test it for any heavy metals, pesticides, or other toxins.

The end product is a telomeres activation therapy extract that’s over ninety percent pure.

This is the foundation for this momentous anti-aging opportunity. We’ve created a 12-month course of therapy for use in a system we call the Patton Protocol.6

I’ve also secured a contract to use a new technology to measure your telomere length over the course of the treatment. You’ll be able to literally see your cells “grow young.”

There is absolutely nothing else like this treatment in the world today. You can, with me, be the first. It is a revolution that will change the way we think about aging and revolutionize the field of anti-aging for years to come.

That’s why I’ve decided to undergo the treatment myself—and offer it to my patients.

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