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Today’s younger generation knows how to make the world a better place. Watch this fun music video.

[Editor's Note: At the end of the article are proposed creative solution to many of today's problems that both young and old, whether liberal or conservative, might find interesting - Please read them and comment]

Watch this fun music video “It’s Getting Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot” reflecting awareness among younger generations of healthy sustainable living and other important societal issues. It references some superfoods covered in our “Top Superfoods for Men and Women.”

Many among the younger generations are taking matters like preventative health care life extension practice serious.

Many are making staying healthy cool.  They are learning this by taking advantage of the global, now mobile, vast digital media library which OWC is part of; not from our legacy education and disease intervention medical systems.

0 Todays younger generation knows how to make the world a better place. Watch this fun music video.

Note: The remainder of this article takes editorial liberties. This info should interest you (especially if you take brain performance nutrients, as explained by Dr. Handwerger). Please take the time to talk about the issues below with your family, friends and students; be part of the grassroots movement to effect needed change in America.

Sustainability Conscience & Heightened Awareness is Emerging in Today’s Youth

A very exciting trend is emerging. The above video is part of it; note the emphasis on the Prius and raw foods. It’s becoming uncool to make conspicuous consumer choices. Many in the younger generations get it; most among them recognize it is really uncool (a.k.a. “dumb”) to eat anti-superfoods, nutrient lacking calorie packing manufactured foods filling most grocery store interior isles and fast food franchises. They perhaps care more about the environment than some in an earlier generation, think late 60s and early 70s approaching the end of the Vietnam War when another youth movement swept America although very different from today’s OWS crowds which seem unorganized, unfocused, mostly ill-informed and ineffective. Read Dr. LuCille’s pieceWater – Your Most Essential Nutrient” if you think the environment is just fine).

Today’s youth shares much in common, although few would know it, with the Tea Party members who want protection of individual freedom, less government waste and corruption, more efficient and effective social welfare programs, and a healthy economy that creates jobs so people can find productive work. Improving our current web of socio-economic layers and interests is always educational, needed more now than maybe ever, and should be encouraged.

Stepping Forward – Positive Trends Aligning

Perhaps there is something afoot between the younger generation humbly stepping up to live and make healthier sustainable lifestyles cool again, and the medical marijuana trend (read Dr. Rudderhams piece “Marijuana & Hemp – the Untold Story“)  creeping across the nation.

Economic Implications of a Responsible Living, Healthy & Sustainability Lifestyle Culture

Most individuals in their late teens, twenties and many in their 30s are now very debt resistant. They “can” unsolicited credit card offers without opening them. Widespread use of unsolicited credit card offers with 0% interest on balance tranfers for years up to 2007 played a huge role in amplifying the consequences of the recent reckless real estate loan underwriting programs participated in by nearly every US financial institution, and originated by federal government programs and regulators. But for government being the underlying cause behind this most current financial meltdown and global economic malaise , related white collar criminal recklessness prosecutions would likely be occurring across the US.*

Political Reform Agenda Suggestions To Assure Today’s Youth of a Healthy Tomorrow:

*/These are simple non-appropriation solutions to BIG problems people are, or should be, talking about that make sense and both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street leaders (who are they?) maybe can agree upon:

  • Attracting Global Investment in US Foreclosed Real Estate, Creating Related White and Blue Collar Jobs and Increasing Demand for Residential Remodeling and Related Durable Goods. The real estate led decession was caused by reckless underwriting participated in by the US government. If the US government ever had reason to get involved in subsidizing US home acquisition, they have it now. It is debatable whether they ever should have initiated subsidizing home purchases for financially marginal or unqualified buyers. It is even debatable whether mortgage interest should ever have been made deductible. All that aside, To aid blue collar related real estate trade job growth and increase demand for remodeling materials, allow immediate deduction against ordinary income for improvements made to a foreclosure purchase within 12 months of closing, up to 10% of total purchase price. Comsider laying on top a 10% tax credit for durable good purchases such as HVAC and appliance upgrades. To accelerate sales of foreclosures, and to aid white collar related job growth, and white collar job growth, dry up that pipeline, and help home prices again to rise, the Feds should exempt gain on sale if held 5 years (see below) plus to enable all buyers with 20% cash down qualify for a low doc conservative (80% max LTV and reasonable principal cap per property (say $350,000) and per program participant)  loan guarantee programs (not appropriations) targeting investment in foreclosed, and only foreclosed, residential property with maximum loan amount so this program helps middle and lower income neighborhoods the most. Plus exempt all gains (except recapture of accelerated depreciation on the jobs growth component below) from US taxation if held 5 or more years so these homes are bought and taken off the market and increase available rental pool. This would act to accelerate clearing out the huge existing foreclosed inventory.
  • Term Limits. This should be obvious especially since politics is now a career path more so than public service. Reasonable term limits across all elected positions at every level are a must, with staggered terms. At the federal and state levels, I prefer one six year term for legislators and executive offices, with staggered elections every 2 years. This gives you 2 years to learn the ropes, 2 years to implement your ideas, and 2 years to coast and coach the newbies while working on your exit strategy. Having held a top public local government administrative position myself, perhaps considering top administrative positions in the public sector across states and the federal government also have 6 year term limits makes sense too.
  • Eliminate Income Tax Filing for Small Business and Families Struggling to Accumulate Capital. Simplifying and modernizing our obsolete tax system should be a top priority, in a manner that stimulates consumer and small business investment. For example, eliminate income tax filing requirements on individuals or businesses with under $150,000 of gross income. Replace the lost revenue with a broad transaction taxesx (1/10th of 1% to to 1% depending on the types of transactions - not a flat, excise, sales or consumption tax – a much broader based tax on all transactions collected through bank accounts as a fee essentially). Proceed toward eliminating business and corporate income taxes as modifications to this transaction tax system generate replacement revenues. Take a big step toward making the US a tax haven for business capital to help create “reshoring” of jobs. Tax other specific transactions with 1% to 5% tax as well if needed to fully eliminate income taxes. The income tax system is based on assumptions like an annual accounting period, loaded with special interest provisions, and costly to comply with. It does not help create jobs or grow the US economy. A technology based automated transaction tax system is super efficient and can achieve “ability to pay” policy objectives and fairness issues.
  • Reduce Foreign Military Bases, Stop Subsidizing Global Corporate Expansion. Reduce foreign military deployment and bases that seem to primarily serve to subsidize corporate global investment. This is perhaps the largest yet least understood corporate welfare/subsidy program in the world. All we need is a super strong naval force and logistically strategic naval and air bases to help keep the global peace, protect our borders, all at far less expense than done today.
  • Reduce Regulation of Emerging Medical Technology. Reduce the over-regulation of experimental medical procedures. Doctors and sick people should be allowed to experiment as they see fit without having to fly to foreign domicile’s actually leading in anti-aging regenerative medicine therapies. Gene targeted therapy drugs get approved in half the time and at a fraction of the cost as in the US due to overzealous FDA. The FDA needs a fast track less expensive procedure to accelerate medical technology innovation. Adult stem cell medicine needs to be legal now and all physicians who want to perform same patient adult stem cell therapy should be legally able to do so whether or not the extracted tissue is sent to a foreign lab for reprocessing or not. These are not drugs…these are your own cells cleaned up amplified and re-inserted by syringe or IV drip to boost your immune system and regenerative capacity performance.
  • Enact Meaningful Tort Reform. Considering the litigation bar and big insurance are 2 of our largest political lobbies this will be tough, but moving forward with meaningful tort reform uniform across the states is important. The new federal Insurance Office part of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 will address anti-competitive insurance regulation roadblocks across the nation, and streamline offering of insurance, but it and other new watchdog agencies lack what is needed to implement national tort reform.
  • Streamline Litigation System. Streamlining our expensive, wasteful and overly complex litigation system that hardly creates transparency, evokes truth, and rarely creates value, should be seriously studied and reformed. Here again national uniform procedural standards should be the target verses the state by state governed system. As we are moving on the insurance front away from state based regulatory system, we should be here too.
  • Eliminate Wasteful Subsidy and Industrial Entitlement Programs. Revamp our trade, industrial, agricultural and education subsidy and excise tax policies.
  • Streamline Investor Capital Formation. The strict prohibition against public solicitation of unregistered investments dating back to the 1930s is stifling entrepreneur activity and innovation. Small investments (for example up to $10,000 per person per issuing company) with public solicitation should be allowed through Regulation D amendment. There is no reason every major U.s. city is not holding bi-monthly conferences with prospective employees with talents to offer start-ups are networking with emerging companies and investors. Free speech is allowed in every other area of life except solicitation of capital by small private companies. Does this make any sense where job growth and innovation are national objectives? Protection of consumers is already in place as fraud and misrepresentation in connection with soliciting investors are recoverable offenses and crimes as well. The securities regulation regime built off the 1933 and 1934 SECURITIES ACTS is also obsolete and stifling capital formation for emerging business causing far more harm than warranted by consumer protection regulators. Consumers are far more educated and there is far easier access to information to perform due diligence on investments today than ever. Caveat Emptor especially if limited to small sized investments seems the better approach.
  • Reform Education. Our education system is based on a model designed for ruling families, not the working class “proletariat.” Plus education systems poorly leverage today’s technologies and are focused on job retention by unions and public employees in the system. This government run and financed industry is a huge mess, and highly inefficient. A series of articles is needed to road map the issues and wire frame creative solutions for making the U.S. education system efficient and effective verses falling farther behind many parts of the world. OWC is developing a highly efficient personalized accelerated learning programs, the first true PLMS (Personalized Learning Management System).
  • Two Party Political System Defects: This is far beyond the scope of this endnote.
  • More on some of the above at this blog.

Do you have some simple suggestions to help assure today’s youth of a healthy tomorrow? Please comment below.

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  1. Posted July 21, 2011 at 23:51 | Permalink

    Wow, Tom, you really hit the nail on the head with almost every issue! This is what we are laboring under, and it is an unbearably heavy burden, just to stay alive in the small business arena! I am personally going to be closing my herb store business, FreshAir Fare of Morro Bay, by the end of this year. It has been a very difficult time trying to keep on keeping on in this formerly beautiful small town on California’s central coast. I am closing because our block has been hijacked by one unscrupulous LA business who moved in and has been driving those of us who stand up for ourselves into leaving Morro Bay. I have been trying to hold firm, but he has been harrassing my landlords and threatening them with lawsuits to shut me up. This is the scariest part of the old paradigm, that they guage their success by driving their “competition” out of business, leaving them as “Top Dog”. I appreciate you and your site. Keep on telling the truth, no matter what!

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