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What is Guided Imagery?

What is Guided Imagery?

Psycho (brain) – Neuro (neurological system) – Immunology (body’s natural defense system): PNI is the medical terminology that is used to describe the method of how GI works.

For the past 25 years the effectiveness of GI has been increasingly established by peer reviewed research including, but not limited to, the finest of America’s medical schools and universities – not to mention those of similar ilk in the United Kingdom and from selected countries in Europe. The research has demonstrated the powerful impact that GI has on health, creativity and performance. Positive effects from GI are pantheon and can be used as described below for the numerous chronic ailments, but also to improve one’s power, and physical performance. Aside from the physical aspect, GI can be extremely beneficial to those affected by psychological issues such as stress, depression, and anxiety to name but a few. GI can either be a primary or secondary method of SELF HELP in illness and disease prevention inclusive of all and any forms of traditional healing.

Our patients and clients have empowered themselves to assist in their personal treatment process while including the treatments given by their healthcare professionals. GI can be used on adults and children after acquiring the technique. Generally 20 minutes of daily practice can and will result in positive outcomes. (courtesy N.E.J.M.)

PNI was known for its healing properties by physicians for centuries. The premise is that the state of a person’s mind “brain” can be the causative or etiological factor behind the disease process. In the very same way the brain can be viewed as the brains own “open” healer by possessing the correct knowledge of how one can incorporate Guided Imagery into one owns treatment process in association with their health care providers. Once the knowledge is obtained, the patient / client feels empowered to heal themselves. The correlation between the brain and immune system has now been scientifically proven.

How Can Guided Imagery help You?

Consider three primary areas where impacts will be noticed quickly.

Stress Reduction – This is the most basic type of imagery – easy to learn and deploy. It has nearly universal use – who does not suffer from some sort of stress? When taken through the process by Dr. Mazansky, patients/clients will learn how to employ more of their conscious mental capabilities which can be used to unleash a powerful tool using both guided and interactive imagery. Since humans use approximately 10% of the brain’s capacity, part of the other 90% can be used to unleash a powerful tool.
Active Visualization – Patients are trained to achieve a level of relaxation where they are capable of deploying more mental capacity to visualize a positive outcome. This is a method that assists in pre-surgery mental preparation and post-surgical pain modification. It
also assists in the speedy healing and the physical and psychological pain that may result from incisional procedures. It can also modify health impairing behaviors like smoking and other addictions.
View a list of GI indications – click here.

Hypnotherapy can be a valuable addition to conventional treatment. Western medicine is beginning to recognize the benefits of using guided imagery and visualization to aid in healing and in maintaining wellness. Most major hospitals and universities have programs that incorporate these techniques to assist patients in healing more rapidly diminish pain and anxiety and enhance well-being. In the past some considered hypnosis as alternative medicine, now it is widely recognized as a complementary therapy. Hypnosis has been recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958 as an adjunct to medical practice. It is within those boundaries that we assist you and your doctor with your overall healing program.

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