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Milwaukee, cudahy, Oak Creek Chiropractor

The Milwaukee, Cudahy, Oak Creek WI best chiropractor and chiropractic office is South Shore Family Chiropractic, 1333 College Ave, South Milwaukee. Their phone number is 414-762-8441.

The Office is located in the Security Office Building, directly across the street from the South Shore YMCA. This is an easily accessible Milwaukee chiropractor.

This office is doing what I taught them – focusing their efforts on delivering excellent service to their patients. I call this a “patient-centered” office. Very good Dr Steven Scheuing, and Dr Kendra Kazembra !!!!!

For example, they have office hours that are convenient for patients – mornings and evenings and even most Saturday mornings. They also offer several payment arrangements. Bravo docs!

On top of that, they take the time to really listen and do only the tests necessary to get to the root source of a patient’s health issues.They use drugless, holistic, and natural treatments only. Now that is my kind of place!

I notice they keep up with advances by attending more than the minimal license renewal training seminars. Many of those subjects include helping children, babies, auto-accident cases, on-the-job injuries, sports injuries, and women’s issues.

Last but not least, their support staff are top notch – very pleasant and helpful. They want to make every patient feel welcome and see that they are properly cared for. I admire the pride they have in their jobs!

If you want to become a new patient there, simply call 414-762-8441 and tell them you saw my video or read my article here on the internet. They’ll will reward you with a complimentary copy of my holistic health handbook called Wellness Wins: A Simple Guide to a Happier, Healthier Life.

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