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NaturaNectar LLC Introduces Throat Guardian™, With PWE-M Extract, Clinically Proven to Support Oral and Respiratory Health, at Expo West

SUNRISE, Fla., March 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — NaturaNectar LLC announced today they introduced NaturaNectar Throat Guardian™ to expand and strengthen the First Line of Functional Bee Propolis Products, utilizing their proprietary water-extraction technology and the only commercial viable source of exotic, Brazilian red bee propolis in the world.

PWE™ (Standardized Propolis Water Extract) has been clinically proven in a double blind, placebo controlled study that showed statistically significant anti-inflammatory benefits, and improved bronchial and lung health in both upper and lower respiratory systems in the group taking it as compared to the placebo group.

“Throat Guardian is supported by science and demonstrates our commitment to quality & innovation. The study, which was published in Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology 17 (2003) 93-102, showed that our exclusive PWE is a phenomenal ingredient with strong scientific support and is well tolerated with no adverse effects. The original formula from Salomon Propolis® has been safely used in Scandinavia for over 2 decades,” said J.L. Paes-Leme, Cofounder and CEO of NaturaNectar.

NaturaNectar Throat Guardian contains the company’s exclusive PWE™M extract, a phenolic acids-rich compound derived from their proprietary non-solvent, GREEN EXTRACTION technology. It is the first bee propolis throat spray available on the market that is safe for the entire family, including children and seniors, as it is free from solvents, alcohol, impurities and beeswax.

“Our exclusive PWE™ (standardized phenolic acids from Brazilian bee propolis) is a gentle, yet effective water-based extract used in NaturaNectar’s natural throat spray that provides the whole family with all the protection of bee propolis without alcohol or other substances that may harm the mucous membranes,” said Jens Vagn Nielsen, M. Sc. (Pharmacy) who sits on the company’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Other NaturaNectar products include:

NaturaNectar Immune Guardian™NaturaNectar Gastro Guardian™, NaturaNectar Bee Propolis Trio™, NaturaNectar™ Green Bee Propolis, NaturaNectar™ Red Bee Propolis. EaseFemin™ Menopausal Support.

About NaturaNectar™ NaturaNectar™ LLC is the first and leading developer of functional natural supplements from premium Brazilian propolis including the exotic red propolis. We strive to improve our customers’ well-being by providing high quality and innovative dietary supplements from exclusive natural sources. We are committed to life changing relationships with our customers and the world communities that we serve. To learn more visit: .

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