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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Regenerative Joint Therapy – Joint Surgery Alternative

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is very effective for healing injury to ligaments, tendons and joints. PRP also helps reduce joint injury pain naturally. Elite athletes have been using PRP for years to speed recovery and avoid surgery. Tiger Woods reportedly improved recovery from knee surgery in 2010 using PRP treatments as complimentary therapy. PRP effectiveness is now well documented and a very safe office visit procedure.

PRP is prepared using small amounts of blood taken from the patient. The blood is then processed in a special centrifuge device right in our office automatically producing PRP with increased platelets and growth factors by as much as 500%.

The concentrations of platelets found in PRP contain huge reservoirs of bio-active proteins, including high growth factor counts crucial to initiating and accelerating repair and regeneration of damaged joint tissues.

When this PRP is injected into the damaged area, it stimulates tendons and ligaments by creating mild inflammation triggering the healing process; development of collagen begins shortly thereafter. As the collagen matures, it begins to shrink causing a tighening and strengthening of the ligaments or tendons of the damaged area.

Professional athletes with good medical teams increasingly use PRP to avoid surgery or to accelerate and enhance recovery from surgery.

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Lipogenex Anti Aging Clinic Scottsdale Arizona

PRP can help restore full mobility and function and eliminate otherwise continuing pain and need for medications. Treatment varies with each individual. Most patients require 1 to 3 PRP injections, with improvement felt by most patients after the first treatment.

Increasingly insurance covers PRP therapy as the traditional medical community studies and learns to appreciate the power of this safe and effective regenerative therapy with application beyond joint and connective tissue damage.

For more information call or visit our anti-aging clinic.

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