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CODE PINK – Ways to Help Avoid Breast Cancer and Improve Cancer Treatment

 I have a couple of pink dress shirts that match a few ties so occasionally I may wear the combo to work…..but not this month. This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As if we are not reminded every day about the increase in cancer rates, society has deemed the 31 days of October to focus on finding “the Cure”. But are most people aware that finding a cure is not the actual goal. The real agenda is discovering the next treatment for someone diagnosed with cancer. Researchers are looking for new blood markers of cancer, new imaging techniques, and more chemo/radiation/surgery weapons to use in the war. President Nixon declared war on cancer over forty years ago and so far, we are losing the battle. It seems every day I hear of young people developing deadly tumors.

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Think about this scenario. Take a synthetic garment (bra) made from nylon, polyester, or chemical cotton. Wash that synthetic garment in a toxic laundry detergent loaded with chemicals and then put it in a dryer with toxic fabric softener and/or poison riddled dryer sheets. Then wear this item over your breasts for 12-16 hours a day while you are sweating so all the toxins can get absorbed directly into your body. All the while, the garment constricts the tissues and does not allow for venous and lymphatic drainage from the organ. Finally, the metal in the bra serves as a conductor of EMF(electromagnetic fields). Voila….cancer.

By the way, mammograms are radiation and radiation causes cancer. The benefits, if any, are minimal. Go for breast thermography instead.

There are genes associated with cancer but genes need a trigger to become active. Humans have had the same DNA for thousands of years but only recently have we seen the rise in cancer.

Anti-perspirants contain aluminum that is easily absorbed into the body. Aluminum is thought to be a contributing factor to diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s. Aluminum is used to limit sweating which is a major source of the body’s self-cleansing mechanism. Couldn’t these products lead to an increased risk of cancer?

The Cure is the Cause. Bad food and chemicals cause all disease. Pesticides, heavy metals, BPA, phthalates, PCB’s etc along with sugar, gluten, corn, soy, GMO’s are the culprits. Get these poisons out of your life and you will markedly reduce the risk of breast cancer and every other type of cancer. Detoxify every day. Live like the Caveman….minus the club.

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Please check out the book Dressed To Kill by Sydney Singer for more information.


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