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Unwind and Relax – 20 De-Stressing Secrets for Success as a Professional

Life as a professional is stressful, no matter what your career is. You may be a successful high-stakes lawyer, an accountant with an international company, or just a freelance graphic designer – stress is a guaranteed part of your life.

If you want to make it through you professional years sane and healthy, you’re going to have to find ways to chill out and relax. Here are 20 great ways for you to chill out:

1. Martial arts – It’s taxing, but a whole lot of fun. Plus, beating a punching bag is very relaxing and great for letting out your stress.

2. Go to a hotel – Spending a night on comfortable memory foam mattresses with no kids to bother will help you to unwind after a truly stressful week.

3. Hit the beach – Kick back and relax in a hammock as you sip your favorite drink.

4. Read – Lose yourself in the world of fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, or any other kind of fiction!

5. Nap – There’s nothing to relax you like a good nap, and spending 20 minutes just resting in nature will chill you out.

6. Swim – Need to relax? Hit the gym and float around in your pool to loosen up your muscles and give yourself a break.

7. Run – There’s nothing quite as de-stressing as letting the rhythm of your heart and the pounding of your feet wipe your mind clean.

8. Garden – The feel of soil under your hands is a good, honest one, and gardening can be very relaxing.

9. Cook – Why not enjoy a tasty meal that you’ve made yourself?

10. Camp – Bask in the beauty of nature around you, which will help to isolate you from the problems back home.

11. Do a Puzzle – Puzzles can be very de-stressing, and all you have to do is just put one piece in place at a time.

12. Laugh – Laughter washes away stress, so get yourself your favorite comic strip or comedy and enjoy.

13. Fish – Fishing is boring for some, but you’ll find that a full day of doing nothing but sitting and waiting can be quite therapeutic.

14. Shop – Stay away from the hectic malls and supercenters, but walk through a farmer’s market or artisan’s market.

15. Talk to a Friend – Got someone who you can just hang out with? Why not grab a beer or a meal with them to help you unwind.

16. Write – Many professionals find journaling to be relaxing, while others love to pour out their creativity into a novel.

17. Sit – Just sit with your eyes closed for twenty minutes, and your mind will slowly calm down.

18. Clean – If you find cleaning to be a way for you to relax, break out the broom and dustpan!

19. Try Hobbies – Hobbies will be very relaxing, and they can be a good way to take your mind off work.

20. Learn – You’d be amazed by how de-stressing it can be to learn a new skill, especially one that will make your life easier!

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