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Superfood Metal Toxicity Speed Bump for Gluten Free and Organic Trend

Superfood Metal Toxicity Speed Bump for Gluten Free and Organic Trend

by Cara Carin Cifelli, Staff Reporter
and Researcher – Online Wellness Community, Inc.


Few people understand food and supplement supply chain realities and dynamics despite decades of warnings and concerns. Warnings about the quality of food ingredients coming from polluted areas of the world have sprinkled the press since the 70s. Prior OWC articles on superfoods have alerted readers to this issue (Click here for an example from 2011).

Independent testing of leading protein and superfood supplement products discovered high levels of dangerous metals in some well known brown rice based protein concentrates ( broke this story recently). Low found other products like Kelp Granules and Wakame Flakes to have high levels of toxic metals.

Even Dr. Oz recently on his show (February 2014) increased coverage about lead levels in popular shake product powders.

Decades of industrial contamination of farms, waterways and the oceans is threatening to make it nearly impossible to avoid man made toxins in your food and water supply absent living in some remote area and doing your own organic farming.

Fortunately the leaders in the raw superfood concentrate movement (see our OWC Wellness TV for some exclusive interviews with some of the founders of some of these brands) and associated products are responding very responsibly, even leading to a recent history making agreement to require supply chain validation and independent testing.

It was reported on February 5, 2014 by Mike Adama of Natural News that leading private companies in the natural foods and superfood concentrate industry, without any need for government involvement or oversight whatsoever, reached an accord where all of them by 2015 will use independent testing of ingredient supplies to assure safe supplies and ingredients. Most will increase involvement with farmers and further aid in the organic farming movement throughout the world.

The take away on recent disclosures is simply this – labeling saying “organic” and “gluten free” do not equate with safe or nutrient density. It is clear ingredients such as brown rice proteins grown in China often have higher than recommended metal levels of lead, cadmium, mercury, tungsten and other toxins of concern in concentrations found to increase risks of cancer, brain dysfunction and other degenerative conditions. It is safe to assume many leading brands of food products are impacted by these dangerous levels of heavy metals in nearly every isle of every grocery store, particularly foods eaten regularly by children like cereals. This toxicity in the food supply likely has some correlation with the increase in ADHD in children today, which itself is a major controversial issue OWC has recently reported on (click here for more related info).

Hopefully everyone will get the larger message – namely that living a cleaner greener simpler lifestyle is actually being really responsible, mature, cool and deeply enlightened. Think about that the next time you endorse or encourage someone living “large,” living a life of excessive consumerism and materialism, by suggesting to them in any manner that their displaying tangible evidence of “success” impresses you. It should not as consumerism and our busy lifestyle’s today are increasing degradation of the quality of our air, water, soil and food. It is not an untrue statement to say excessive consumerism and unnecessary consumption of wealth beyond reasonably satisfying basic needs is indirectly killing all of us prematurely and reducing the quality of life for everyone, for every specie on this plant.

Please support the natural products, natural foods, raw foods, local farming and related healthy living initiatives taking wider root culturally in the US and abroad. The best way to start is supporting local farmer markets and buying from local family farmers. You and your family deserve the freshest food and ingredients as eating healthy nourishes your brain and you may be surprised how satisfied your body will be even eating less of good fresh locally grown and raised foods.

Visit for an excellent raw food cookbook with simple easy to prepare dishes, salads, deserts and other snacks with beautiful pictures of the creations all made from ingredients sourced at organic local farmer market crops and produce, and natural grocers who support local sustainable farming methods.

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