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Why Men & Women Gain and Lose Weight Uniquely – Dr. Teresa Ramsey


Why Men & Women Gain and Lose Weight Uniquely


No doubt that as we age, both men and women, will notice that we can’t just eat what we want and maintain our optimal weight. There is a big difference between the metabolism of a child and that of an adult, and there is a difference between the metabolism of a man and a woman.Men naturally crave different foods than women. They lean towards meat as a focus and crave the vegetables that contain most of the nutrients that we are deficient in like brussel sprouts, asparagus and peas as well as nuts. Women on the other hand crave their chocolate, refined carbohydrates like pasta and bread, more fruit than vegetables as well as yogurt. These foods tend to put on more fat as the calories from them are stored and not used as efficiently for energy.Lastly, notice the difference between men and women at the gym. Men gravitate towards more resistance training including weight training. Although women have started using resistance training, the main attraction is the aerobic workout. As we age, we need less of this and more resistance training to maintain optimal body composition. Rule of thumb, make sure that you can talk throughout your workouts, that you don’t allow your heart rate to increase to around 140 for over 5 minutes and then bring it down to about 90 for a minute. Do this repetition of heart rate acceleration and deceleration, and your metabolism will be strong and efficient.

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 Click here to read an article linked to the scientific study report source concluding belly fat and over weight conditions are the #1 contributors to diabetes and other degenrative desease conditions. Change your ratio of energy intake to output to reduce belly fat now.

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