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Finding Your Path – Brother Sage Journey

A rare picture of me when I was affectionately nicknamed Sprout from the Austin Community who knew me from volunteering at Wheatsville Coop and Green Life Living Foods Community, Gardens and 24 Hour Raw Foods Restaurant, where I lived and served full time for 2 1/2 years before it closed.

In 1977, I gave up the “American” diet and the “American” way of life and the institutional thinking of the world and moved into a pioneering raw food community.
Because of this choice and lifestyle, I survived my family and all the diseases that killed them by not eating the American diet and not following the programing the world.
Between 1977 and 1980, all the spiritual tools, teachings and ideas were being downloaded as fast as possible to get me on the journey.
They were designed to keep me sane, awake, alive and happy. Among them included living foods, fasting, conscious breathing, contemplation, simplicity, surrender, compassion, meditation, yoga, community, a course of miracles, & silence in nature.
I continue to use all the spiritual tools at my disposal today.
1977 – 1979 my mentors and raw foods gurus were Viktoras Kulvinskas & Dr Ann Wigmore. I was also influenced by the writings of Bernard Jensen, Norman Walker, and Paul Bragg.
In 1979, I met Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.
They were intelligent enough to teach me conscious breathing and physical immortality. I will be forever grateful, literally forever.
In 1979 I was mentored by Stanley Burroughs, the author of vitaflex and the Master Cleanser. VitaFlex and Reflexology combined with practicing on over 35,000 bodies was the inspiration for the techniques and form of bodywork I still practice today.
In 1980 I opened up my first Wellness Center in Austin Texas, known as Austin Wellness Center with close friend and a Course in Miracles buddy, Gary Golightly.
It was in 1980 I was guided to found the social movement,YOU’RE WORTH IT! Which has to this day still having a global influence on the self esteem of humanity and appreciation of others. Yes, it is still socially acceptable to tell others,YOU’RE WORTH IT..

In 1982 I studied with Louise L Hay and have been using her heal your body book as a Bible & reference to metaphysical healing even up to today.

In 1983 I met and was the massage therapist for one of the two tooth fairies. They healed teeth thru group singing and raising the vibration.

In 1984, I met Wiley Brooks a well-known breatharian.

In 1985, I became a massage therapist to the stars by being guided to establish and build relationships with Hotels, Spas and Resorts, and Special Events Centers in Texas and later Waikiki and Maui. Some of my clients included Sting, Miss America contestants, USA Cycling teams, Hall and Oats, Jim Neighbors, Sergeant Shriver, The group Cameo, Stephen Marley and Ziggy Marley, Charles Givens, don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray and more than I can remember.

There is much more to tell about my remarkable journey. For now I am the World Famous Foot Man working on people from all around the world. they either find me here or fly me to their town.

Namaste for now.

 Finding Your Path   Brother Sage Journey
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