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By Bob Lokey

I may have discovered the greatest treasure since ice water and it compels me to pen it in effort to run it past folks that may be seeking a real health panacea, and in order to disclose it to those in great need. My concept/discovery is still largely in the experimental stage for me, personally, but having myself as the first and only guinea pig thus far, I’m convinced (for myself), beyond any doubt, of the validity of what I’ve found. And I think the world is ready for it, as everybody to which I’ve explained the rudiments (about a dozen or so), instantly sees the sense of it and nods approvingly. It’s like saying, “One plus one equal two.” It is incredible that this knowledge has forever escaped humankind, as it should be as common as the spittle in one’s mouth.

I have discovered a vitally important disease (as in dis-ease) which is so miraculously hidden that it has apparently escaped medical scrutiny until it came within a whisker of killing me, and even more miraculously, I realized what it was before it was too late. It is so amazingly in-your-face that it appears that no consequential glance, heretofore, has peered directly at it for what it is and intuited what a great find it is. Nobody, that is, until it attacked me so strenuously that I reached pretty much the end stage of it, and then tumbled to what it is and how to cure it shortly before it would have ended my life. This article represents brand new knowledge about the most ancient of human killer diseases and at least one of the most effective natural cures to stop it.

My find illustrates that, even though they be widespread and obvious, there are still diseases in human existence and different modes of ferreting them out that are yet to be discovered.

The disease I found affects every living human that moves around in any ordinary way, except the youngest (and probably the lifelong bedridden) the youngest of which are, nonetheless, doomed to it in process of ordinary life and time unless they perish, maybe by age ten or so. This is because the disease is a progressive, manually constituted one rather than the microbial kind that attacks at the microscopic level. It can, and much of the time does, take a whole lifetime to strike the final death blow–however long it may take for death to intervene, that is, in which each person is unique and slightly different from others and we are “taken out” individually. Indeed, in the absence of it, or even amelioration of effects, one should be able to live, naturally, at least as long as the patriarchs of the Bible reportedly did, such as Methuselah.

The disease is not at all new in its manifestation and effects, but oldest of old in humankind’s having not a scintilla of effective, codified information about it, as the malady has been with humanity, surely, since tree dwellers metamorphosed into hominid (or however humanity happened–take one’s pick, as mine is but a metaphor to make a generalized point about a long period of human development). The hominid development that brought humanity down from the trees to walk upright (or however it happened) has imparted to humankind a “secret” disease that’s right out in the open, all the while wreaking every imaginable manner of havoc in the individual, both physically and mentally, as well as in the whole body of humanity, no doubt, as any review of the world at any moment in history generously attests.

Even given all its scientific and moral advancements, humankind’s ascent is a history of more madness than brilliance, in the midst of a world today, 2015 (the year of this writing), that could easily be its last gasp as so many of its elements threaten global holocaust–in the name of politics, greed and just plain insanity–which Final Holocaust the world is now capable of achieving, no doubt.

I believe the disease I’ve found is linked to much, or maybe most, of humanity’s insanity.


I’ve named this disease (of discomfort, insanity and death), which was not considered a disease, “Cervical Tunnel Syndrome,” in consequence of, and likeness to, the presently famous and now widely known disease discovered but a relatively short while ago (during the mid-fifties), named, “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” (CTS), which is a damaging of the carpal wrist bones most usually associated with occupational harm of the wrist and hand.

My “Cervical Tunnel Syndrome” is first cousin (if not direct sibling) to the concept of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which comes about most commonly in people in professional life, such as cashiers and other assembly line workers that make virtually the same hand movements for many successive hours daily, each day, all day, year in and year out. Surely every reader has heard or read of it or knows somebody that has previously, or is, suffering the disease. It causes excruciating wrist pain that can cripple the victim and render the affected limb useless for years or even life. Thus, the word, “carpal,” in CTS, which denotes the carpal bones in the wrist.

I’ll bet the reader never considered applying the same kind of syndrome to the apparently non professional, plain, every day, “ordinary” (but equally as damaging to neck/head/brain tissues in the longest term), in the sustained effort of balancing one’s head on one’s neck all day, every day, while one goes about ordinary living, right? Neither has the medical profession. It is too common and apparently ordinary to turn any head, even that of medical science. This may seem laughable at first impact, but any wise individual that values one’s natural health should seriously consider it, as every human being in the world, which is not a pre toddler, or lying perennially flat on one’s back, is afflicted, in ascending degrees, with the precise same kind of neural damage in the neck and head due to the same basic movements in that very much larger and infinitely more complex set of neural functions that afflict one in one’s wrists in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome . (There, that cat is out of the bag. icon smile CERVICAL TUNNEL SYNDROME AND HOW TO BEAT IT NATURALLY

Thus, what I’ve named “Cervical Tunnel Syndrome” comes about in the ordinary necessity to balance one’s head on one’s neck day after day of one’s life which, in absence of some manner of positive step(s) toward amelioration (that I learned in time to save my life) unerringly, inexorably grows worse until death intervenes. It is a natural, ordinary, normally disregarded progression of injuries ever accumulating within the neural miasma of brain function, which may easily be subverted (when fully realized by the victim) to help one sustain superior natural brain and other bodily health. I believe it could be the major cause of most forms of natural (and premature) death in the human being and that, in its absence (or serious amelioration), a typical individual might live for hundreds of years. After successfully experimenting on myself and saving my own life, I am now fairly certain that it is possible, with diligent effort, to arrest premature death in the human being. Even adding 50 years would be a big deal, wouldn’t it? How about maybe hundreds of years?

Instead of thinking of the headache as just an ordinary, acceptable nuisance, think of headaches, any headache, especially migraines, as EVIDENCE OF SERIOUS, ONGOING BRAIN DAMAGE! Which it just happens to be even though just about everybody routinely accepts practically ALL headaches as a natural and necessary consequence of ordinary human life. But it need not be so if one cares enough about oneself to take simple, proactive steps, as I outline in this piece. One must kick that “habit” of believing headaches are normal and necessary things to ignore when possible.

I came pretty close to gasping my last breath before I realized my medical problem was Cervical Tunnel Syndrome after identifying some of its major parameters in myself, studied it, and experimented on myself as I have done over the past year or so, while successfully healing horrendous migraines that I was suffering, the greatest frequency being five migraines in one week, which, subjectively, seemed virtually back-to-back! There were just a few short breaks in a single migraine that was one whole week in duration! I knew I could not endure it much longer, as the neural insults to my life were increasing in severity by the hour. They were driving me over the edge to death and/or insanity, possibly suicide, if I couldn’t stop them. The migraines had been coming on slowly for many years and this was the culmination: five migraines in one week and the possibility of never-ending escalation.

After applying my simple remedy, (no doubt by the Grace of God), which came to me in a flash of insight just before I went insane with pain, my migraines diminished almost immediately, and within two weeks were no more. How’s that for relief? It’s been several months now. NO MORE MIGRAINES. And my poor brain is recovering so rapidly that I feel reborn. I’m nowhere close to the same man any longer.

I now know where migraines surely must originate and why. I’m convinced that Cervical Tunnel Syndrome is the MOTHER of just about ALL human maladies that are uniquely generated within the body, including insanity. Read on to learn how and why.

I was not looking for anything so revolutionary when I discovered the simple reality that the factors generally accompanying Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are NOT peculiar only to the wrists, contrary to what the medical profession has held pretty much since CTS was discovered during the 50′s. All medical knowledge of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (the wrist malady), seems to be isolated and restricted by medical science to the wrists ONLY, as though the condition exists in isolation, while far more fertile ground lies just above the victim’s shoulders, in the neck and head area, where a concept of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome “effect” reaches absolute apex due to the relative neck/head/brain complexities alone, rendering anything less (as in CTS–of the wrist) to exist on the level of superficially skinned knees.

One medical condition, which I would say is, no doubt, the most evident and widespread adverse effect of Cervical Tunnel Syndrome (the neck/head version of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) is the common headache and advanced versions of headaches known as “migraines.” No authoritative text for the actual cause or cure exists for any of the most commonly experienced headaches, especially migraines. Doctors hardly know a thing about the headache, except that it exists (even in doctors), precipitates serious pain and has seemingly numerous and varied causes, wherein the victim is simply drugged, if anything, or suffers the pain.
Humans experience headaches without knowing precisely how or why, and neurologists appear to know almost nothing of them except that they exist. Medical knowledge is no closer to the precise how’s and why’s of the headache than ever it has been.

Common headaches are generally accepted as an ordinary condition of life, but I am now certain that at least most of them probably need not exist at all, as I know where probably the majority of them originate and how. When one’s head hurts, something must be wrong in there, right? Why accept head pain with resignation, then? Why not stop it? Well, it may be generally possible now, as I’m on the path to stopping all of mine, beginning with already having arrested 5 migraines per week at the height of my suffering, which I was enduring in clockwork progression as orderly as the tick-tock of the clock, awakening me from sleep at precisely three o’clock each morning. It was a sorrowful event that the neurologists could not fathom.

Headaches are mostly taken for granted: “If one has a head, then, therefore, one’s head is supposed to hurt, at least occasionally.”

I learned from a long-standing neurologist that was treating me several years ago for this very head problem (he’d been at the profession for more than fifty years), that the common origins of headaches are quite as much a mystery to neurologists/doctors as they are to the sufferer. Yes, I found that neurologists do dimly comprehend that headaches are, or at least should be, somehow connected with nerves in the neck and head, but that’s pretty much it. They know virtually nothing, otherwise, about headaches, common or extraordinary ones. They know only how to alleviate the pain (in most, but not all) headaches in which mine were one example. My nerve specialist had simply thrown up his hands in resignation and said, “Here’s your drug prescription.” There is plenty of expensive and often painful treatment available, but little hard knowledge and no lasting cures, except for drugs and more drugs. This is not criticism, just a narrative of the way it is. Doctors are only human, after all, bless them. Where would humankind be without them?

My headaches were such a mystery to my neurologist that he joked about guaranteeing a cure for my sudden appearance of violent migraines if I let him simply remove my head. We both smiled about it. But the doctor was deadly serious. There was no natural help for me except death, which was what he meant by the anecdote we were smiling about. Short of my death, only painful cortisone shots injected by needle directly into the violating nerve trunks at the base of my skull were the only known, not cure, by any stretch of word play, but only “possible” amelioration, if any, as headaches are simply what humans must expect to endure and treat or try to ignore when they happen.

Neither a year’s worth of the cortisone shots, nor expensive drugs, stopped my headaches. They but barely drugged me against the pain, and not so well. My doctor and I both knew that the damaging agent causing the pain was still present, but it was a big mystery to both of us. We were drugging the pain. My insurance company and I paid thousands of dollars to discover that there was no solid form of relief, or cure, for me. At best, my plight was one of simply walking around in a fog of drugs or violent headaches, as other “elderly” people accept, with simple resignation, as necessary punishment for living such a long time and then, hopefully, death may intervene. I was in late 60′s at the time.

Sadly, at the present state of medical knowledge, the only permanent way to avoid headaches, especially migraines, is by death, but no known cure existed before I found it for myself.

I had, basically, never suffered headaches in my life before reaching about sixty years old, when the headaches began. However, I do trace the origins of my final migraine problems to an onset so gradual that it had escaped all attention until I learned the facts about what had actually caused the Final Deluge that hit me all at once (only months ago)–five migraines in one week, which, in my desperation (and God’s Inimitable Grace) I CURED, that is, arrested in their tracks, within two weeks.

During my self-cure, I realized that I had, since the mid-Sixties (a long time ago, for sure) been receiving important clues about the onset of what would, one day in the future, morph into closely spaced, death-dealing migraines.

It all began as a seemingly innocuous pulsating “tightness” (but not yet painful) just behind my left ear and radiating into the base of my skull. It was an important clue that I had disregarded for about fifty years while it progressed unabated, until I learned the whole truth several months ago and cured the problem altogether with something so simple that I remain amazed and the reader will be, too, surely.

Only several years ago did the pain begin to increase, both in severity and frequency. By the time I was seventy-four, as outlined above, I was suffering three to five MIGRAINES per week, with the sorry probability of becoming just one perpetual migraine that would end my life. Suicide would be the only way out of that one. But there it was. I was facing it. I had long since been to doctors and nerve specialists that basically said, “You are afflicted with the sad reality of old age, Mr. Lokey, and there is no help except powerful meds, but certainly no cure. Welcome to ordinary old age, severe head pain, and the real world. At least you have a lot of company!”

I tried the meds for one year and several rounds of excruciating hypodermic injections of Cortisone directly into the nerve trunk of my neck at the base of my skull, administered by the neurosurgeon. It was the same spot the “tightness” had begun so many years earlier, in which recalling said history would be part of my epiphany regarding the discovery of the revolutionary (and possibly first for all human time) cure for the malady.

The pain of the injections was indescribable, AND, they did not do the job. It was just so much needless suffering. I could have stabbed the spot with an icepick instead. It may have deflected the migraine pain, at least. It wouldn’t have hurt as much as the absorption of the Cortisone in the inflamed nerves of my neck at the base of my skull, not to mention the horrible probing hypodermic needle that felt like a dagger stabbing me.

So I quit taking the meds and visiting the specialists, and tried something else. I had not done enough of that “something else” up to that point. I took it to God, as the problem had defeated all the smart humans in the neural profession, and me. As it turned out, I should have done it much earlier, as my suffering would have dissolved by that very amount of time.

God immediately took me by the hand and pulled me in the right direction. “Cervical Tunnel Syndrome” flashed into my thoughts. The words didn’t exist in the world right then in that particular configuration, but they stood before me at that moment as block letters a hundred feet high and fifty feet thick.

I saw the whole thing laid out since the beginning of my life. Cervical Tunnel Syndrome (a natural disease, which is quite similar to death, itself, and is the main cause of premature natural death in the human being (yes, premature “natural” death), which begins when one starts to toddle in infancy, in which its acuteness reaches apex at various times of the individual’s life. It kills at all ages, depending on the individual. It is so “in yo face” that it is entirely invisible, even to medical science. It is as though humankind is an ant crawling around on a whale. The whale is too big and too evident for the ant to see anything except the spot on which one is standing.

It proved to be the biggest “AHA!” in my life up to this time. I realized, in a single, humongous “God Statement,” that the same forces that drive Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the wrist, even more devastatingly affect the neck and head’s neurological functions precisely in the same way they affect CTS of the lower extremities (one’s wrists), except infinitely more severe and damaging in neck and head. It happens as one goes about the act of walking upright, an absolutely normal and ordinary behavior, which means executing hundreds and thousands of neck muscle corrections daily and moment to moment in order to balance one’s head on one’s neck. A slight variation of this same behavior is what leads to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in assembly line wrist and hand behaviors.

One’s neck and head are little different for this purpose than the wrist and hand, except, and only except, for the severity and concomitant much more grave (literally) consequences that Cervical Tunnel Syndrome (of neck) generate as corollary problems, in addition to its likeness to its cousin, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and is why I named it, “Cervical Tunnel Syndrome.” It’s an apt association, non?

As I was now aware that my “head” problem was not actually generated in my head, but in and because of the semi-industrial activity in my neck (as it happens A LOT every day and in the same way in ordinary living), I knew immediately that, at minimum, a neck brace might be my answer, so I went to the local drug store and obtained one, made of foam rubber surrounded by stretchy cloth.

Right then, as mentioned, within the previous week, I had suffered 5 migraines, each time in the same location, just behind the left ear and radiating up into my temples and downward into my upper neck, just below the edge of skull, where they had begun to appear so innocuously in my mid-thirties. At its peaks, the pain was indescribable. I wanted to knock myself in the head with a claw hammer at times, as the pain would not be so severe. Suicide or heavy drugs were the only proven ways out right then. Although neither was acceptable even to consider (yet), the idea of suicide did edge out the prospect of being drugged for the remainder of my life, if I was forced to choose, that is.

The frequency of the headaches was like clockwork (awakening me at 3 AM daily) because the damage had progressed to its end stage, and I’m sure I’d be dead today if God had not intervened. Even if the migraines did not damage enough brain to kill me, I would probably have had to commit suicide rather than live very much longer with five migraines every week on a clockwork schedule, and likely ending in one long, enduring migraine, as the number was steadily increasing. It would be suicide, or live in a hyper state of drugs in which I couldn’t even know myself day to day, no doubt in a “rest home.” It’s called, “vegetating.” I’ve seen it while visiting the local rest home where I live, in which the elderly turn into little babies again. Who wouldn’t prefer suicide?

So I began wearing the neck brace all day and removing it only at bedtime. Within the first two weeks, my headaches stopped. No more migraines. I went from the last and worst bout, 5 migraines in a single week (a truly pathological condition) to no headaches AT ALL at the end of two glorious weeks that followed, with no activity on that front, finally, except blessed relief.

My “Cervical Tunnel Syndrome” is caused in the same way it comes about in its cousin, “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” (of wrist), except that, in the wrist, the stimulus requires very specific and uncommon, not normally sustained kinds of relatively constant repetitive movements (such as making change in a grocery store all day) in order to damage the nerves. But it doesn’t damage the nerves if the victim varies the assembly line procedure even slightly from time to time. It’s why Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is occupational. Nobody, outside of a few occupations, moves the lower limbs repetitively enough, in one specific set of motions, to cause the specified damage in the wrists.

However, in Cervical Tunnel Syndrome, which is of the neck (CTSN), one CANNOT, in the absence of extraordinary defensive procedures (of the kind I now practice) avoid what causes the condition if one intends to walk, sit, and stand upright, as the causes are natural and necessary and the damages accrued thereby are so all-fired common and ordinary as to be entirely invisible to the medical profession and the public. Any and every vital human being simply MUST balance one’s neck and head on one’s shoulders constantly during most waking hours, holding chin up and balancing sidewise head movements to keep one’s head upright most of the time. Nobody has to be taught to do it. We simply do it.

Nonetheless, every movement toward balancing one’s head, every day of one’s life, throughout all the years, in the absence of some means of off-setting the neural damages accrued by said motions, is deposited into the neurological miasma that feeds Cervical Tunnel Syndrome, which is such an ordinary condition of humanity as to be entirely invisible, even to practicing neurologists, and indeed, the whole medical profession. It is reduced to a mere fact/reality of existence, which everybody ignores as a cause of possible extraordinary neural damage. Thus, every human alive, with fewest exceptions, such as pre toddling infants and the lifelong bedridden, MUST, as a condition of existence, commit Cervical Tunnel Syndrome against one’s neck and head and does so entirely unconsciously, unknowingly.

After my initial rescue, and within about a month to six weeks, a single, much reduced headache pain in me began to replace the more severe ones with something that resembles the uncomfortable feeling that normally accompanies the healing process. There is no more than an uncomfortable feeling in that area now that comes and goes (going more than coming now) in which an aspirin or two suffices today. I expect to stop the aspirins soon. But the incredible sharpness of pain is no more. Soon I won’t be needing aspirin and I’ll have the added advantage of a more pristine neural makeup than anybody I meet in walk-a-day life, as I have treated myself in a revolutionary new way that puts me above and beyond regarding the acceptable levels of neural fatigue and damages that are blithely accepted by the untreated “normals” around me that don’t know anything is amiss with them.

The reality of the situation is a powerful statement. What is happening today is that my body is still healing from a whole lifetime of more than 76 years accumulating the neural effects of my recently discovered Cervical Tunnel Syndrome, and it will take a while for the neural components to fully heal. The complete healing could take years, but I now have a cognizable expectation of being around that much later now. I expect that, by and by, maybe a month or so, or even a year, to be entirely pain free in the areas where I suffered such horrendous neural damage generated in the cervical area. It may take years for my regimen to correct all those years behind me of bumbling along in which I developed the awful malady that aimed to, and nearly did, kill me, though. And it may not take so long, as the human body is highly resilient when damaging conditions are absent. We can only wait and see.

I’m in uncharted waters here, on continents undiscovered, in which I know only that I’m on the right path to recovery from the most ancient of human maladies, heretofore entirely unknown or even imagined, which is so common that I may be the first and only to know about it, at least up to the point of my discovery. But imagine, dear reader, having at least 75% of this “unknown” malady off me. There’s no way of knowing what powers of thought and body I may garner. Stay tuned to find out.

Now for even more vital commentary: imagine what social horrors may be and are, no doubt, driven by the simple, heretofore unknown effects of Cervical Tunnel Syndrome within the broader scope of humanity at large.

Today, the entire world (of humanity) appears to be insane and quickening. Wisdom, especially of the political variety, is practically non-existent today except for precious few pockets of it. The world is on the edge of absolute annihilation at the hands of maniacs in control of the most concentrated elemental energies of nature. And they are not kidding around. Hundreds of millions of people are at war today. Hundreds of millions, if not billions. Even families are against one another.

Cervical Tunnel Syndrome most strongly affects the neck and head, where the brains reside. Would one suppose it doesn’t get into one’s brain and interfere with clear thinking, even wreck one’s better judgment even though one assumes oneself perfectly normal and reasonable? How could it not?

I say, “Cure Cervical Tunnel Syndrome and cure the insanity of humanity.”

Yes, folks, every human being older than the pre toddler is susceptible to and does suffer this unique neck/head malady. It is only a matter of degree, as we are all different and some are more susceptible than others, as in any ailment.

God has blessed me with a unique and genuine miracle of knowledge that may preserve my life into a future farther flung than I can imagine presently. And all I must do is something exceedingly simple and easy, as outlined here.

The common headache is probably one of, if not “the,” most widely experienced adverse neural phenomena among humans. After what I’ve gone through, I’m firmly convinced that every human individual could profit from simply wearing a foam rubber neck brace for several hours a day, while at home, or driving. The health benefits are fantastic. No more doctors or medicines for all the associated ailments. No more needless pain and suffering, unless one wants it–just blissful good health for occasionally wearing a foam rubber neck brace.

Think about it: one walks around all day holding one’s head upright by exerting hundreds and thousands of tiny movements of neck musculature impinging upon unimaginably tiny and vulnerable neck/head nerves. It is a classical recasting of the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome activity in the wrist, except it’s in the neck and head where it is much more devastating and widespread. It is repeated day after day, all day long, throughout one’s life. It should be no wonder where at least 90-95% of headaches originate and eventually drives the victims insane.

Thus, I began wearing my foam filled neck brace just a few months ago, which is not a big deal once one gets used to it, for a few hours each day, especially while driving. I’m certain that most, if not virtually all, headaches, are the proximate cause of CTS like neuromuscular fatigue by the little realized brutality committed against oneself in the simple act of balancing one’s head upright every day of one’s life without supplying sufficient surcease (or assistance) such as a foam rubber neck brace would afford for a short time each day or for one or two longer periods each week. I wish I had worn the brace I have now for a few hours periodically during each week from childhood on. Think of the improved quality of life I might have enjoyed free of self-inflicted neuromuscular damage to my neck and head by doing what seemed natural (but in fact was highly damaging.)

I think I will be able to cut way, way back on wearing the brace once I’ve healed some of the lifelong accrued damages accumulated in blissful ignorance of what I was doing to myself without knowing or caring. I’d bet if everybody came to themselves (as in, woke up) and practiced some form of CTSN amelioration, even if only special neck exercises designed for the purpose, this would cause just about all headaches to disappear from humanity’s repertory of pesky and costly neural maladies and much of the social insanity (wars, rumors of wars and nuclear holocaust) would dissolve.

People usually wear this kind rubber neck brace only after experiencing obvious, serious neural damage, such as sprained or broken neck. But what if one wears the brace proactively, defensively, before serious damage is able to occur?

Mine is a self experiment and I’ve already made strides, both in my awareness of causes/effects and amelioration tactics regarding an evolutionary situation that is not yet fully developed in humankind. I imagine the problem is as old as the rudiments of hominid, when man began to walk upright. Man is not completely physically developed yet, obviously. I contend that by supporting my neck periodically with the same kind of discipline in which I made important gains in Hatha Yoga, Karate and weight training, and thus aiming specifically at my CTSN problem, I can and will, in my knowledge, reverse a lifetime of neural damage I’ve done to myself in my ignorance. Just stopping the horrible migraines would be enough, but the generalized ideas of it promise much larger, and heretofore unknown dividends worthy of further experimentation and learning about.

I believe there is far more to this discovery than is readily evident. After cogitating on the whole thing for several weeks and experiencing what I already have after launching several trial balloons, I believe that what is taken for (or certifiable as) an ordinarily or normally healthy state in man is far from it in the so-called normal individual or anybody that has not taken defensive action against what is considered normal, as I have. Yes , this is a clear case of defending oneself against “normalcy” in the human condition. Thus, don’t settle for normal. “Go for the gold.”

When one experiences the onset of a problem like the one under discussion, beginning as early as when one starts learning how to walk as a baby, one gradually adjusts, so that subjectively, everything seems normal and ordinary, even the various aches and pains of it. “Well, that pain is just normal,” one supposes. Normal maybe, but necessary, I don’t believe it is.

I believe that one who practices healing the damages one has wrought in the critical juncture of one’s body under discussion here, by learning and conditioning oneself to wear a foam rubber neck brace periodically, (or one of the new, stylish, virtually non detectable ones now available at CVS stores) while at home in one’s privacy, one may and will revolutionize one’s entire system of being, by doing nothing else than wearing said brace either periodically or all the time. I believe that every hour one wears it equals many hours invested in healing the injury discussed here.

One is able to arrest the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (the industrial kind of wrist damage) by varying the way one holds one’s hand while performing a repetitive task. But one has to do it deliberately. The same is true of wearing the neck brace while at home for short periods of time. It has the same effect on one’s Cervical Tunnel Syndrome as varying one’s hand position (while performing a repetitive task) has on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Wearing the neck brace for short periods of time breaks up the additive neural affects in which balancing movements harm the neck. One only need give one’s neck a bit of respite from time to time (with such a device as wearing a neck brace), in order to glean the same benefits in Cervical Tunnel Syndrome that varying one’s hand positions on an assembly line does for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Those that desire to do so may develop specialized exercises aimed at the amelioration of CTSN and possibly forego the neck brace. It’s too early for me to tell right now, as wearing the neck brace relieved the injury that was killing me. No more five migraines weekly for me.

Ordinarily, people only wear a cervical neck brace after serious manual damages to the neck area, such as broken neck. Thus, the same effects I cite would not be accessible to such individuals. Only those with what is commonly certifiable as “healthy” necks need apply. I figure I will know as much as I need to know after proactively healing myself for at least a year. Thus, let the time of of my own healing be recorded as beginning in earnest on July 1, 2015. I’ll check in again next year.

Post Script: There may be those that suggest I reached a point of desperation where I spontaneously (miraculously) healed myself and that it had nothing to do with my neck brace (which is possible, of course) and used the Cervical Tunnel Syndrome analogy to justify what was actually a miraculous healing; and that the same thing might not happen for anybody else in similar circumstances. I’ll grant this as a possibility (though not a probability), and do submit that further testing on a range of other subjects suffering from similar problems such as mine (which is basically everybody in the world, as we all suffer from the same malady) is called for in order to test the validity of my findings on a broader range of subjects under laboratory and statistically controlled conditions.

Once I reach the point where I am able to reclaim my own wondrous human endowment (of cranial powers) that I suppressed in ignorance for more than 76 years of plainly deleterious effects which I should have tumbled to long ago, who knows what I may be able to accomplish with a brain relatively unimpeded by the more horrendous effects of CTSN?

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