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Dr. Lance Hering ND

Dr. Lance Hering is both a homeopathic and naturopathic doctor practicing integrative medicine.

He graduated from the Hahneman College of Homeopathy in 1997 located now in Pt. Richmond, California. Classical homeopathy is his love in medicine and he has seen many wonderful results with this tool.

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine is his alma mater for Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in the first graduating class of 1996.

Over the years Dr. Lance has learned from many seminars in homeopathy, naturopathy, and integrative medicine. He is experienced in the administration of IV vitamin and mineral therapies, including chelation, acupuncture and injectables, for the treatment of chronic pain conditions, and nutritional therapies necessary to treat a variety of disease processes.

Dr. Lance is perhaps best known for his giftedness as a counselor. He strongly believes in the mind body connection and the spiritual essence that we all possess. Guided imagery, NLP, EFT, Quantum touch, Prayer of various styles, and Humor, are often incorporated into his private healing sessions.

Dr. Lance is a nature lover, avid hiker, master swimmer and world traveler.

Some of his best sessions with clients are done in beautiful natural settings outside of the standard office.

To visit his website go to

ADD, ADHD, Autism & Glutathione Deficiency

It is almost common knowledge nowadays that glutathione, the antioxidant that resides in every cell in our bodies, is chronically low in patients who have symptoms of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADD or ADHD.
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Hope for treating Autism

The diagnosis of Autism for a child is often devastating news to parents, especially since convention says there is no cure. But today more than ever there is hope. Orthomolecular treatments such as supplementing with Vitamin D3, fish oils , and zinc are making a difference, and becoming more main stream.
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Hope for kids with Autism and behavior disorders

Autism and behavior disorders such as ADHD arise from multiple causes (Dr. Lance Hering blog)
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