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Curcumin – potential powerhouse nutrient to help rheumatoid arthritis (RA), inflammation, and immune function

In conventional practices, NSAIDs and glucocorticoids are used the most frequently for RA treatment, but they also bring with them a host of side effects, especially in long-term use. Possible adverse effects include stomach and liver damage, allergic reactions, lowered immunity, increased blood pressure, lowered red blood cell activity (myelosuppression), and increased risk of osteoporosis. Worse [...]
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Info about fulvic/humic product EarthWater
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Sustainable Alternative to Fish Oil – Plant Oils from Black Current, Hemp, Chia and Other Super Seeds

Plant-based Omega-3 stearidonic acid (SA) has similar anti-inflammatory biological properties to eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) derived from fish oil. Black currant seed (BCSO) oil is the most chemically stable of the plant-based fatty acid oils. Its profile includes Omega-3 stearidonic acid and Omega-6 alpha-linoleic acid (LA) and gamma-linoleic acid (GLA).  This makes it the Omega 6 [...]
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Top 50 health questions asked Dr. Weil in 2012

Find answers to many of your health questions in this list of the top 50 health questions of 2012
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Top 10 Herbs to Boost Your Immune System

The herbs and foods listed below are in the “superfood” category, are nutrient dense, and can help your health. Dried plants were after all the drugs of choice by doctors for thousands of years.
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RENEWAL is an acronym which stands for Rest, Environment, Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Alternatives and Limits which are the principles needed to gaining Health and Wellness. This article focuses on limits and temperance. Read on to find out how this acronym can change your life, and how to apply the principles of RENEWAL to your life limits to achieve ultimate health.
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Why Join Online Wellness Community

FREE (for health and wellness experts, and for general public members): your promotional profile your website link your social media page links post comments post articles private member messaging Join Free Now Contact Us to discuss other media and promotion services we can provide for natural health and anti-aging professionals..
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Is Your Waistline Unhealthy?

If you are a man and your waistline is over 40 inches, or a woman with a waistline over 35 inches, you are overweight if not obese and may face increased risks of health problems
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Happy Heart Health, by Dr. Ramsey

Dr. Ramsey explains three of her suggestions to improve heart health including a potent anti-oxidant meal shake, exercise and heart targeted supplements.
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The incidence of childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years, and will continue to rise unless immediate, focused actions are taken to halt this fast spreading condition.
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Free Health Calculators and Health Assessments – Use Them Now

Here are some free and "fun" to take basic health calculators for adults and children. Soon we will be offering premium assessment tools with goal achievement guidelines and discounts on associated services from OWC featured member experts.
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Award Winning Superfood Vegan Veggie Thanksgiving Steamed Stir Fry Recipe – by Cara Cifelli

Award winning recipe - vegan superfood veggie stir fry (over 20 superfoods)
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Milk – The Untold Story by Dr. Ron Schmid

() Excellent Articles: Read about FDA raids against farmers, dairymen and other health food experts and enthusiasts by clicking here. Read an excellent article on food and nutrition myths by Dr. Ron Schmid, a advanced health practitioner whose clinic is on his organic food and dairy farm. More coming soon on the pros and cons [...]
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Timeline of FDA raids against farmers, health clinics and dietary supplement companies

Here is a timeline of FDA raids against health clinics, farmers and nutrition companies. Let your voice be heard and encourage government regulators to unshackle the private sector. Doing so will create more jobs, increase innovation, reduce health care costs, and streamline government largess.
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Shrooms With a Brew

It was Spring ’09 and we were fourth years at UC Berkeley. Both of us had offers in corporate America. Investment banking and consulting seemed to be the futures waiting for us after graduation. All that changed one day after listening to a lecture in one of our business ethics courses when we first heard about the idea that gourmet mushrooms can be grown entirely on recycled coffee grounds.
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7 Secrets to Grow Younger and Live Longer by Deepak Chopra MD

Only a few decades ago, conventional medicine viewed the body as a machine whose parts would inevitably break down. As a medical student, I learned that random chemical reactions determined everything that happened in the body ... and genes largely determined our health and lifespan. Today scientific research is arriving at a radically different understanding ...
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Skin Aging Secret – Polypodium Leucotomos (Fern family)

An amazing, natural plant extract, when orally ingested, offers the promise of additional protection against the damaging effects of incidental solar radiation exposure with a strong scientific portfolio of evidence.
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Common Electric Devices in Your Home Contributing to Cancer and other Illness – Learn How to Minimize Your Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation Exposure.

The possible connection in the rise of cancer rates today and EMFs is real and alarming. Increasing evidence supports brain tumors, brain cancer, impaired nervous system, immune system, DNA damage, lower sperm counts, headache, fatigue … the list goes on and on … are all ailments contributed to by EMF exposure.
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Dr. Stan Burzynski, Burzynski Cancer Institute, Leading Paradigm Shift in Targeted Gene Cancer Therapy

In December 2010 OWC conducted this exclusive interview with Dr. Burzynski on the results being experienced in his FDA Phase II cancer treatment studies using amino acid derived peptide drugs that target turning off identified cancer genes. Dr. Burzynski indicated his clinic's results, even with advanced cancer patients, are substantially better than the one size fits all model of drugs, radiation and surgery practiced by most cancer centers today
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Nuclear Fallout Exposure and Radiation Natural Health Remedies

For the amount of money and research put into the field of nuclear energy, very little is put into spreading awareness and information regarding what to do in the event of exposure to radioactive material and fallout. It is strange that such an obviously hazardous and environmentally catastrophic technology has actually made it this far [...]
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Slow Juicer by Huron

Learn why slow juicer technology is so important. If you are going to juice (as we should every day), do it right and maximize nutrient and bio-availability of the juice with slow juicing technology. Watch more exclusive videos of award winners at the Natural Products Expo on OWC’s Wellness TV.
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Back to the Roots Mushrooms

An innovation award was given to Back to the Roots Mushrooms by OWC at the 2011 Natural Products Expo due to this exciting sustainable mushroom growing kit for children. Recycled coffee grounds and other materials make up the product and edible mushrooms are grown within 10 days. This is pretty exciting stuff and more mushroom [...]
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Dr. Eric Braverman, One of New York’s Leading Anti-Aging Doctors

Enjoy this exclusive OWC interview of Dr. Braverman. Watch more OWC exclusive interviews on OWC Wellness TV.
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DR. Stan Burzynski, Advanced Cancer Gene Targeted Therapy Pioneer

Watch this exclusive interview with Dr. Burzynski in December 2010, a pioneer in targeted cancer gene drug therapy. Watch this longer video from an April 2011 interview of Dr. Burzynski by Dr. Joseph Mercola: Click here to explore much more cancer information in our Research Library. Watch more breakthrough exclusive OWC Wellness TV videos. ()
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Professor Brian Peskin, Dangers of Taking Omega 3 EPA/DHA Supplements

Professor Brian Peskin was interviewed by Online Wellness Community staff at the A4M conference in December 2010. In this exclusive interview Professor Peskin discusses his scientific theory that taking parent Omega 3s is fine, but taking extracts of EPA and DHA, the most popular today, could in fact cause toxity and cancer over time despite [...]
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Dr. Norm Shealy, the Father of Energy Medicine, Exclusive Online Wellness Community Interview

Watch this amazing video of Dr. Norman Shealy at the A4M conference. Dr. Shealy is the father of energy medicine and the founde rof the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978.
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Shankara and Aroma Herbal Healing Skin Care

We loved this family driven product line of herbal skin care products and want to learn more and do a deeper assessment of the line, especially of Shakara, their high end skin care professional line that has been gaining market share slowly for 10 years. We expect to like what we discover. Meet Judith Bourgeois, [...]
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Ultimate Superfoods and Ojio

Ultimate’s team is doing a good job of adding interesting products to their lineup but you need to know what you need and are doing to select correctly from their offerings. We discovered this brand a couple years back and they have made great progress and have exciting things in the pipeline we have been [...]
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OWC Member Store

Your member store will open with the release of our DMRewards driven “Beta” site. Join now and start building YOUR WELLNESS NETWORK. When the member shop opens, you and the charity you select will earn free cash rewards on YOUR WELLNESS NETWORK’s spending. Only the absolute best superfood nutrition products in the world will be [...]
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Skin Organics by Ann Webb

OWC’s team met Ann Webb for the first time at National Products Expo West and sensed something different. Upon evaluating the booth decor, the dress and energy of the team, the product packaging, and sneaking a peak at the ingredients of some of the more prominently positioned items, it became obvious clinical experience, integrity and [...]
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Health Force Nutritionals, Dr. Jameth Sheridan, Videos from Natural Products Expo

Here are all the videos of Dr. Sheridan and his Health Force Nutritionals team taken at the Natural Products Expo. Why Health Force Nutritionals was founded – Dr. Jameth Sheridan with Tom Cifelli, OWC’s Founder and Executive Editor Intensive healing cleanse explained by Dr. Jameth Sheridan.  Watch this amazing video of Dr. Jameth Sheridan explaining [...]
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Philippe Cousteau Speaks to the Organic Farmers Research Foundation

Philippe Cousteau, Organic Farming Research Foundation Executive Director Maureen Wilmott and Tom Cifelli at the March 10, 2011 kickoff luncheon of Expo West, the largest natural products event of the year.
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Water, the most important nutrient

This Online Wellness Community research page discusses water, the most important nutrient for life.
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Jujube- Ziziphus zizyphus

Key Health Actions: anti-stress, pain reducer, physical distress aid, digestion aid, blood cleanser, promotes sleep, rejuvenates body, reverses symptoms of disease and restores body to strength, improved liver function, increased endurance. Considered a “harmonizer” nutrient source in Chinese medicine. Excerpt: Jujube fruit and leaves are believed to have immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, improved blood circulation, blood [...]
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Press Release, March 4, 2011, Online Wellness Community

OWC (online at: is quickly emerging as the leading internet venture in the natural health and anti-aging industry. The community is earmarking its accolades, only nine months after entering the market sector.
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Vitamin B9- folic acid

Folic acid, also known as folacin and B9, is essential for red and white blood cell formation. It helps synthisize RNA and DNA. It has proven important for nearly all proper immune system functions.
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Vitamin B12 – Cobalamin

Vitamin B12 is essential for normal red blood cell formation. B12 helps metabolize food and get the nutrients you need. It prevents fatigue. It boosts immune system. It helps maintain skin health and blood circulation.
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Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine

B6 is necessary for the synthesis & breakdown of amino acids, the building blocks of protein; aids in fat and carbohydrate metabolism; aids in the formation of antibodies; maintains the central nervous system; aids in the removal of excess fluid of premenstrual women; promotes healthy skin; reduces muscle spasms, leg cramps, hand numbness, nausea & stiffness of hands; helps maintain a proper balance of sodium & phosphorous in the body.
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Vitamin B3 – niacin (niacinamide)

Niacin, vitamin B3, improves circulation and reduces the cholesterol level in the blood; maintains the nervous system; helps metabolize protein, sugar & fat; reduces high-blood pressure; increases energy through proper utilization of food; helps maintain healthy skin, tongue & digestive system.
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Vitamin B2 – riboflavin

Key benefits: Energy, metabolism, Blood formation, oxygenation, blood cell creation, cell regeneration, immune Vitamin B2, riboflavin, is essential for blood metabolism and transport of oxygen. It helps red blood cell formation and activation of other B vitamins. Vitamin B2 promotes hair, skin and nail growth. Vitamin B2 is essential for food metabolism and nutrient uptake [...]
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