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Cancer Care Controversy

Alternative natural cancer therapy works but is not widely used because doctors are fearful of stepping out of the well defined "standard of care" box.
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Melatonin Marvels – Super Antioxidant and Brain Nutrient

This is a well written article by Dr. Ramsey, NMD, who was a classmate of Dr. Mark Rudderham. ****************************************** Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. The pineal gland, the tiniest endocrine organ, located in the very center of the brain between the two cerebral hemispheres has been coined the [...]
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Heart Disease Nutrients

This post covers nutrients shown to help maintain a healthy heart and cardio-vascular system. Eating foods rich in heart healthy nutrients, and daily use of targeted nutrients, will help those suffering from heart disease as well as those who want to avoid it.
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Organic Raw Foods

We are huge fans of eating a wide variety of raw organic foods. However, we also know that for a long long time the smartest people on the planet determined you cannot eat enough of the right raw foods to maximize your cellular health. Read more on the top superfoods that should be in your [...]
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Free Radical Scavengers

Dangerous free radicals are part of daily life. They can accelerate aging and disease onset if your immune system is weak. Normal bodily functions (breathing, metabolism, and physical activity) generate free radicals. Your immune system generates free radicals to help neutralize viruses and bacteria. Many free radicals are the result of environmental factors such as pollution, [...]
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Cruciferous Vegetables (Brassica)

Cruciferous (or Brassica) vegetables should be a core part of cancer proofing your diet due to there healthy hormone level and anti-oxidant impacts. There super healing properties go well beyond anti-cancer to include: cardio vascular health potent antioxidants high fiber high minerals range of vitamins plant protein sources plant based fatty acids blood sugar regulation estrogen level regulation enzymatic [...]
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Ever wonder why celery is part of Bloody Mary's? It is not because they are tall and garnish the glass well. It is because celery has been used since the Roman empire to balance acidic levels and dehydration after overindulgence.
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Carrots are widely known for helping eye health. What is not so widely known is they fight cancer and many other diseases as well. Carrots are nutrient rich and improve your overall health and wellbeing.
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Broccoli is widely considered a superstar vegetable protecting you against many disorders with powerful anti-aging characteristics.
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Cancer Nutrition

A good place to start researching cancer breakthroughs is our primer article [CLICK HERE]. For those of you who do not know, Oncologists are MDs who specialize in cancer care. There are primarily 2 types of oncologists: the old-fashioned kind, those who only know about chemo, radiation and surgery, and who are not interested in natural [...]
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Acai is the latest rain forest berry touted as a superfruit
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AIDS Nutrition

This post is meant to be read in conjunction with the more detailed post part of our Research library on AIDS [CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MORE DETAILED INFORMATION]. Weak immune systems, or those under stress fighting disease, can be improved with antioxidant and other support nutrients including the following supplements and herbs: A daily [...]
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Immune system support nutrients help your body fight HIV and other infectious diseases and viruses.
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Brain tissues are especially rich in phosphatidylserine (PS), but aging causes a decline in the PS content of cells throughout the body. Research also indicates that when PS levels naturally decline with age, so, too, does the ability to learn, remember things and stay alert. Depression may also develop as a result of age-related PS [...]
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ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The most commonly diagnosed childhood disorder is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a developmental disorder characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Typical treatment involves drugs that increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain - two key nuerotransmitters that improve behavior. We believe most doctors are not fully aware of natural nutrients that target brain performance and nuerotransmitter balancing and production. These brain targeted nutrients should be considered before prescribing drugs when possible.
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Inspiration Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Article

CAUSES OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS: Dehydration – Not drinking enough water, or drinking other beverages that are dehydrating (caffeinated beverages, soft drinks, alcohol), is basic to MS sufferers. (10 ounces of coffee removes 12 ounces of water from the body) Dehydration makes all the rest of the causes worse. Immune System Deficiency - MS has an [...]
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Multiple Sclerosis Nutrient Therapy

We at OWC have close friends suffering from this and other tragic diseases. Our Research library when complete is designed to be the simplest comprehensive education resource with one major difference. It will have the best specific diet, nutrition and related product information available anywhere in the world so those suffering from this and other [...]
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Typical Health Site MS Info

Typical MS Information on Most Health Sites Today Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable disease of the nervous system in which communication between the brain and other parts of the body is disrupted. Its effects can range from relatively mild in most cases to somewhat disabling to devastating. The symptoms may mysteriously occur and then [...]
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Berries are super healing and super healthy sources of fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Well Known Widely Available Berries: Cranberries Raspberries Blueberries Blackberries Strawberries “Exotic” Berries Very Popular Today: Acai Goji Mangosteen Noni Sea Buckthorne You should eat or juice with a variety of berries since they offer different benefits. Perhaps even better take at [...]
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Soy Protein Concerns

Straight Talk about Soy One protein source that has been getting a lot of attention is soybeans. We’ve been told that regularly eating soy-based foods lowers cholesterol, chills hot flashes, prevents breast and prostate cancer, aids weight loss, and wards off osteoporosis. Some of these benefits have been attributed to a unique characteristic of soybeans—their [...]
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INTRODUCTION Proteins are probably the most important class of biochemical molecules essential for life. They are the foundation of human tissue. Most developed nation diets are protein deficient (with excess caloric intake). Many protein supplements on the market today are either not high nio-available quality or, when taken alone, are not giving your body what [...]
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How to Fix Summer Sun Skin Damage

You WILL be damaging your skin if you spend some time enjoying the sun this summer. You must remember to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen often to shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays (1). The reality is unless you are a teenager, armed with the body’s fortified, youthful ability to sustain damage without visibly [...]
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Video of Pro Athlete Trainers on Nutrition Supplementation

Recent reports in June 2010 of widespread toxicity and problems with many widely popular retail protein supplements proves these ex-professional athletes and pro athlete trainers have good reason not to trust most product suppliers.
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Autism and Behavioral Disorders

Orthomolecular treatments such as supplementing with Vitamin D3, fish oils , and zinc are making a difference, and becoming more main stream. Homeopathic treatment also has great promise. Homeopathic medicines stimulate the immune system and are individually tailored to match the symptoms that a child has. With a combination of orthomolecular medicines and homeopathy, a childs symptoms almost always improve , step by step, over a period of time
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Syndrome X – the cascading effect of today’s toxicity

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 20 percent of Americans are suffering from Syndrome X, and it is predicted that it will become a leading cause of premature death in developed nations.
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Stem Cell Therapy Today

Excellent introduction to stem cell therapy availability and issues today.
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Invite Friends

Please invite friends to join Your Wellness Network on OWC. Make sure they know how to use the “Look Up” referring member when registering. We have found everyone is willing to join when asked and we truly believe if you do not invite your friends and associates to join eventually someone else will and you [...]
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Hope for treating Autism

The diagnosis of Autism for a child is often devastating news to parents, especially since convention says there is no cure. But today more than ever there is hope. Orthomolecular treatments such as supplementing with Vitamin D3, fish oils , and zinc are making a difference, and becoming more main stream.
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Syndrome X – Soon to be the Leading Cause of Death in Developed Nations – Dr. Fisel

Syndrome X is a metabolic disorder that underlies some of the most serious, chronic and costly diseases in the U.S. Gerald Reaven, MD coined the term in the late 80s. Anyone with three or more of the following risk factors is classified as having Syndrome X: hypertension, abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, and dyslipidemia (high triglycerides and low HDL, or “good” cholesterol).
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Cancer and CoEnzyme Q10 – Improving Patient Outcomes

research suggests that coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can offer critical support for those challenged with cancer, including improving the tolerability of chemotherapy and lessening its adverse impact on immune function.
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Cancer Patient Nutrition and Complimentary Cancer Therapies

Advanced nutrition based alternative cancer therapy is emerging helping improve cancer patient survival rates and quality of life. Advanced nutritional therapy protocols are attributable to many "miracle" cures of cancer patients given no hope of survival from traditional treatments.
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Hope for kids with Autism and behavior disorders

Autism and behavior disorders such as ADHD arise from multiple causes (Dr. Lance Hering blog)
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Do You Know Your Cellular Age?

A simple and inexpensive non-invasive test can help determine your cellular age and the health of your cells. Go get one today and start measuring the benefits of improved nutrition and healthy living.
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Senior Malnutrition Epidemic

Key signs and symptoms of poor nutritional status include the loss of muscle mass, weight loss and fatigue. In turn, the malnourished are more vulnerable to falls and fractures, recover more slowly from surgery and have an increased risk of influenza and pneumonia and other illnesses.
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Sleep Nutrients – Natural Anxiety and Stress Relief

Many natural sleep aids can help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, improve sleep cycles and depth of sleep.
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Spirulina – One of Nature’s Top Superfoods

Amongst the superfoods, Spirulina will always be at or near the top of the list. A myriad of health benefits derive from Spirulina
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