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Why Men & Women Gain and Lose Weight Uniquely – Dr. Teresa Ramsey

  Why Men & Women Gain and Lose Weight Uniquely   No doubt that as we age, both men and women, will notice that we can’t just eat what we want and maintain our optimal weight. There is a big difference between the metabolism of a child and that of an adult, and there is [...]
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To HIIT ,or not to HIIT, that is the question

Have you ever read a fitness magazine and came over the abbreviation HIIT? Perhaps you over heard people talking and mentioning HIIT? HIIT is a very popular form of exercise and I guarantee that you are missing out if you are not aware of it. By the end of this article, I am certain you will understand what HIIT really is and why it is so popular.
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Running Conditioning: It’s not just about hitting the road

Trust me; there is nothing like an injury to derail your training and put a stop to all of your hard earned progress! Unfortunately, aspects of our lifestyles such as inactivity, sitting for long periods, inappropriate footwear and our diet and stress levels do not lend themselves well to the process of pain free running. Being sat at a desk and driving for long hours as well as a plethora of modern technology doing things for us means that we have become de-conditioned and more susceptible to injury. Our lifestyles mean that we are developing more and more postural issues. Our shoulders hunch forward into kyphosis, the muscles around our hips such as our gluteal muscles, adductors, hip flexors and hamstrings become tight and weak and our feet and ankles become ill equipped to absorb the ground impacts associated with running.
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Dr. David Carfagno, DO, a leader in sports medicine, is now an OWC featured member

Dr. Carfagno is double board certified in Sports Medicine and Internal Medicine. He is leader in advancing integrative medicine focusing on elite athletes and executives.
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Holistic Health Fundamentals by Paula Owens

If you want to accelerate aging and shorten your life span, do what most Americans are already doing (avoid exercise, eat poorly, avoid nutrition supplements, and overuse prescription drugs which prematurely age the liver, pancreas, kidneys and other organs). The American population is misinformed on how to lose weight, sculpt a great body and live healthy. This article explains the core components to achieve complete holistic health quickly.
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Avoid Diabetes and Other Diseases

Scientific findings confirm that combining these simple changes in diet and exercise routine will reduce your risks of diabetes and other diseases- they may even help you reduce dependence on medications. Start today and help others by spreading this important news.
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