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What foods you should buy organic to avoid toxins

Avoid food pesticides and GMOs buy learning what organic foods to buy
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Is Organic Food Really Better for You – Stanford Research Study Findings

Are organic foods worth the extra cost? Read more to learn about this and other related hot topic controversies.
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Class Action Lawyers Who Sued Big Tobacco are Suing Junk Food Giants

While not a fan of litigation lawyers, I believe suing junk food manufacturers holds valuable promise and is necessary. The least expensive way to materially improve healthcare is by reducing consumption of junk food (minimal nutrient value as a ratio to calories). Health warning labeling on processsed foods as emerged on cigarettes after litigation could improve public health.
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Why MSG Should Be Avoided

MSG is a food additive that has been injected in to our foods in America since the early 1960's this process is used by a genetically enhanced bacteria fermentation. your food contains MSG that is taken from bacteria cells and put in to foods for better tasting this process causes headaches.tightness in the fact and chest, also leads to brain damage. Find out here how to avoid these MSG foods
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The US Government May Have Discovered the Perfect “Cure” for Global Overpopulation – Our Manufactured Food Supply and Genetically Modified Organisms

One of the nation’s senior soil scientists is alerting the federal government to a newly discovered man-made organism in our food supply he believes is connected to the weed killer Round Up. He warns the US government this is a public emergency - akin to biological terrorism. “I believe we’ve reached the tipping point toward a potential disaster with the safety of our food supply,” Dr. Ron Huber, a soil expert and retired military Colonel.
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Genetically Modified Foods are Dangerous – Find Out Why

Grocery stores are filled with GMO products - derived from Genetically Modified Organisms to increase crop yields. Here is a well written summary of findings by global experts indicating for now it is best to avoid all GMO products if possible.
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