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Superfood Metal Toxicity Speed Bump for Gluten Free and Organic Trend

Few people understand food and supplement supply chain realities and dynamics despite decades of warnings and concerns. Warnings about the quality of food ingredients coming from polluted areas of the world have sprinkled the press since the 70s. Prior OWC articles on superfoods have alerted readers to this issue (Click here for an example from 2011). Recent independent testing of leading protein and superfood supplement products discovered high levels of dangerous metals in some well known brown rice based protein concentrates
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Each Time McDonald’s Sells a Big Mac, We’re Out $7

The average retail price of a Big Mac in the United States is $4.56, but that’s just a fraction of the actual cost. When we add in all the hidden, externalized expenses of meat production, the full burden on society is a hefty $12.00 per sandwich. The extra $7.44 above the retail price is borne by American taxpayers and consumers. In other words, rich or poor, omnivore or herbivore, you incur a share of the hidden costs of each and every Big Mac sold in this country.
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Why MSG Should Be Avoided

MSG is a food additive that has been injected in to our foods in America since the early 1960's this process is used by a genetically enhanced bacteria fermentation. your food contains MSG that is taken from bacteria cells and put in to foods for better tasting this process causes headaches.tightness in the fact and chest, also leads to brain damage. Find out here how to avoid these MSG foods
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