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Superfood Metal Toxicity Speed Bump for Gluten Free and Organic Trend

Few people understand food and supplement supply chain realities and dynamics despite decades of warnings and concerns. Warnings about the quality of food ingredients coming from polluted areas of the world have sprinkled the press since the 70s. Prior OWC articles on superfoods have alerted readers to this issue (Click here for an example from 2011). Recent independent testing of leading protein and superfood supplement products discovered high levels of dangerous metals in some well known brown rice based protein concentrates
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Free Health Calculators and Health Assessments – Use Them Now

Here are some free and "fun" to take basic health calculators for adults and children. Soon we will be offering premium assessment tools with goal achievement guidelines and discounts on associated services from OWC featured member experts.
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Family and Retirement Health Investment Act of 2011

For the first time the US federal government may start helping subsidize preventative and natural health care through provisions of the Family and Retirement Health Investment Act of 2011.
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Ambaya Gold

Ambaya Gold based in Sedona Arizona has a remarkable product line. Their slogan, "Life Source Ignition" hints at the alchemist nature of this line. It is designed to improve your bio-chemical performance quickly to achieve homeostasis. The founder Ambaya Martin is an experienced Aryuvedic practitioner. Her son Zack Brutsche runs the lab.
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What You Don’t Yet Know About Cleanses, Vitamin D and Omega Fatty Acids

Want to know the truth about Vitamin D, Omega Fatty Acids and learn the difference between unhealthy and healthy cleanses and why you probably need a hard core healthy cleanse now? Watch these amazing exclusive videos with Dr. Sheridan of Health Force Nutritionals from the 2011 Natural Products Expo March 13, 2011.
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By: Dr. Tricia Pingel, NMD The diagnosis of low thyroid is becoming increasingly more prominent as stress levels in our society increase. Some symptoms of a low functioning thyroid are weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, and significant fatigue. Thyroid screening is part of your regular annual physical, however, it is important to understand how [...]
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Senior Malnutrition Epidemic

Key signs and symptoms of poor nutritional status include the loss of muscle mass, weight loss and fatigue. In turn, the malnourished are more vulnerable to falls and fractures, recover more slowly from surgery and have an increased risk of influenza and pneumonia and other illnesses.
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