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CBD and Hemp Seed Oil Nutrition – Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional & Medical Foods

The recent awareness of the power of CBD hemp oil extracts without any psychoactive properties (no to trace levels of THC) is not really new science. Rather the unveiling to the public of the power and importance of hemp/cannabis derived nutritional and medicine products for dietary supplement use
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Why Big Pharma is Opposed to Medical Marijuana and Decriminalization of Pot

For decades pharmaceutical companies have been supporters of keeping cannabis illegal in the US, even preventing medical research with cannabis, while aggressively developing synthetic (fake) versions of compounds found and extracted naturally from cannabis. Many are known as cannabinoids, increasingly today referred to as CBDs. There is clear if not overwhelming evidence these compounds have significant benefits in treating a variety of diseases.
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Scientists: Human Population Growth is a Disease and Ebola is Earth’s Immune Response

The emergence of AIDS, Ebola, and any number of other rain forest agents may be a response by the Earth to the destruction of its tropical biosphere. In a sense, the earth is mounting an immune response against the explosion in numbers of humans. If you haven't yet read The Hot Zone, a non-fiction book published in 1994 by Richard Preston, you're way behind the curve on the truth about Ebola.
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Lose Your Belly Fat Now – It Literally is Killing You

Weight loss with the reduction of abdominal fat mass almost invariably reverses insulin resistance as a consequence of chronic excessive energy intake in relation to physical activity levels. Weight loss, the macronutrient composition of the respective diet, aerobic exercise, and resistance training all appear to improve insulin resistance, by distinct mechanisms.
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Superfood Startup Links Investors, Consumers and African Communities

Think of an agriculture system that leads to better nutrition, higher wages, fair global trade, and more security for each person along the supply chain. Now, think if just one plant could make that a reality for many.
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Natural Products Expo West – March 6-9, 2014, Anaheim, CA – OWC to Award Best of Show Again This Year

What is Natural Products Expo West? Simply the best convention of the year on the planet to discover the latest and greatest in natural health and human potential as it relates to food, healthy living and beyond. Leaders in nutritional and alternative medicine including Dr. Weil (speaking on Natural product Expo West's opening morning) attend this event.
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Superfood Metal Toxicity Speed Bump for Gluten Free and Organic Trend

Few people understand food and supplement supply chain realities and dynamics despite decades of warnings and concerns. Warnings about the quality of food ingredients coming from polluted areas of the world have sprinkled the press since the 70s. Prior OWC articles on superfoods have alerted readers to this issue (Click here for an example from 2011). Recent independent testing of leading protein and superfood supplement products discovered high levels of dangerous metals in some well known brown rice based protein concentrates
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Each Time McDonald’s Sells a Big Mac, We’re Out $7

The average retail price of a Big Mac in the United States is $4.56, but that’s just a fraction of the actual cost. When we add in all the hidden, externalized expenses of meat production, the full burden on society is a hefty $12.00 per sandwich. The extra $7.44 above the retail price is borne by American taxpayers and consumers. In other words, rich or poor, omnivore or herbivore, you incur a share of the hidden costs of each and every Big Mac sold in this country.
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Chart of top habits of happy successful people – practice these secrets

This simple chart defines nearly all key variables-elements underlying your success and happiness level. Increase the frequency of green elements and watch your life transform quickly.
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Top 50 health questions asked Dr. Weil in 2012

Find answers to many of your health questions in this list of the top 50 health questions of 2012
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University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine opens in downtown Phoenix – Advanced Sister Facility to Dr. Weil’s U of A center opened in 1994

ACIM is the first integrative primary care facility in the country bringing integrative and traditional medical services under one roof.
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Obesity in Middle Age Tied to More Rapid Mental Decline

"Obesity, in those who were metabolically healthy and unhealthy, was associated with poor mental function at the start of the study and greater decline over 10 years," said Archana Singh-Manoux, research director of the Center for Research in Epidemiology at INSERM, in Paris.
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Class Action Lawyers Who Sued Big Tobacco are Suing Junk Food Giants

While not a fan of litigation lawyers, I believe suing junk food manufacturers holds valuable promise and is necessary. The least expensive way to materially improve healthcare is by reducing consumption of junk food (minimal nutrient value as a ratio to calories). Health warning labeling on processsed foods as emerged on cigarettes after litigation could improve public health.
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Stem Cell Therapy in the US

Superstar athletes like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant have attributed recovery from recent injuries to Adult Stem Cell Therapy. Cell Med Clinics in Scottsdale now offers safe adult stem cell therapy right here in the US.
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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Regenerative Joint Therapy – Joint Surgery Alternative

Elite athletes have been using PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, for years to speed recovery and avoid joint surgery. PRP is widely becoming one of several powerful natural therapies used by advanced anti aging regenerative medicine doctors.
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What is Guided Imagery?

Psycho (brain) – Neuro (neurological system) – Immunology (body’s natural defense system): PNI is the medical terminology that is used to describe the method of how Guided Imagery (GI) works. For the past 25 years the effectiveness of GI has been increasingly established by peer reviewed research in the finest of America’s medical schools and universities and those in the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe.
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Coffee and Fat Loss, other health benefits and risks

Coffee can help with fat loss and has other health benefits according to recent study findings
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Low Testosterone – Health Implications and Natural Remedies for Low T

If a man’s energy, drive and ambition have tanked along with his love life, increasing low testosterone — or what some doctors call "low T" — is only half the battle. Testosterone alone is not enough. There's another piece to the puzzle that most guys — and doctors — miss. Adding that extra piece gives a man more than just a temporary bump in energy. It gives him the kind of swagger most men can only wish for and restores vibrant life rejuvenating energy.
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Optimizing Your Life Energy

Learn about human energy--where it comes from, where it goes and how to have more of it consistently. Dr. Greene takes the new science of energy medicine, translates it into clear and simple terms, then spells out easy ways to maintain energy health. The fields of energy psychology, energy kinesiology, and energy medicine have vastly altered what is known about how we function. But much of this life-altering information has not made it into the mainstream.
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Juicing – natural remedy

Juicing raw organic foods may be the simplest and most powerful method to maintain optimal health.
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Creating and Maintaining Balance, Female Hormone Guide, by Holly LuCille NMD

() Today, women are looking for ways to address underlying issues rather than simply mask their symptoms. We are waking up to the fact that artificial hormones suppress the body’s natural cycle. They do nothing to address the cause of many of women’s symptoms-hormone imbalance. Creating and Maintaining Balance: A Woman’s Guide to Safe, Natural [...]
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Shrooms With a Brew

It was Spring ’09 and we were fourth years at UC Berkeley. Both of us had offers in corporate America. Investment banking and consulting seemed to be the futures waiting for us after graduation. All that changed one day after listening to a lecture in one of our business ethics courses when we first heard about the idea that gourmet mushrooms can be grown entirely on recycled coffee grounds.
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Family and Retirement Health Investment Act of 2011

For the first time the US federal government may start helping subsidize preventative and natural health care through provisions of the Family and Retirement Health Investment Act of 2011.
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telomeres, antiaging enzymatic breakthrough

Over ten years ago, I learned about a biotech company called Geron Corporation. They’ve taken what we know about the telomere and explored the possibility of manipulating its length in order to stop cells from aging. Ever since they were founded in 1990, they’ve remained at the cutting edge of telomere biology. The next amazing [...]
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Dr. Stan Burzynski, Burzynski Cancer Institute, Leading Paradigm Shift in Targeted Gene Cancer Therapy

In December 2010 OWC conducted this exclusive interview with Dr. Burzynski on the results being experienced in his FDA Phase II cancer treatment studies using amino acid derived peptide drugs that target turning off identified cancer genes. Dr. Burzynski indicated his clinic's results, even with advanced cancer patients, are substantially better than the one size fits all model of drugs, radiation and surgery practiced by most cancer centers today
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Nuclear Fallout Exposure and Radiation Natural Health Remedies

For the amount of money and research put into the field of nuclear energy, very little is put into spreading awareness and information regarding what to do in the event of exposure to radioactive material and fallout. It is strange that such an obviously hazardous and environmentally catastrophic technology has actually made it this far [...]
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Ambaya Gold

Ambaya Gold based in Sedona Arizona has a remarkable product line. Their slogan, "Life Source Ignition" hints at the alchemist nature of this line. It is designed to improve your bio-chemical performance quickly to achieve homeostasis. The founder Ambaya Martin is an experienced Aryuvedic practitioner. Her son Zack Brutsche runs the lab.
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What You Don’t Yet Know About Cleanses, Vitamin D and Omega Fatty Acids

Want to know the truth about Vitamin D, Omega Fatty Acids and learn the difference between unhealthy and healthy cleanses and why you probably need a hard core healthy cleanse now? Watch these amazing exclusive videos with Dr. Sheridan of Health Force Nutritionals from the 2011 Natural Products Expo March 13, 2011.
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Philippe Cousteau Speaks to the Organic Farmers Research Foundation

Philippe Cousteau, Organic Farming Research Foundation Executive Director Maureen Wilmott and Tom Cifelli at the March 10, 2011 kickoff luncheon of Expo West, the largest natural products event of the year.
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Natural Sex, Love and Sensuality Secrets from Around the World

This article explores the most widely accepted natural methods for improving your sex and sexuality for a healthier present state of mind, body and spirit. Knowing your body, be completely comfortable with your body, and sharing and celebrating it is an important component for achieving optimal health and happiness. Being able to talk openly and freely about sex is an important first step too many people, even lifelong couples in sexually confused cultures, never experience.
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Water, Your Most Essential Nutrient

Talk about essential nutrients - there is no more an essential nutrient than water. Your body depends on clean water to perform its daily functions, such as digestion, temperature and blood regulation, respiration, and detoxification. In particular, your body’s ability to flush out toxins and properly assimilate nutrients depends heavily on an abundant intake of clean, chemical free water. The more stress, toxins, and pollutants your body battles with each day, the more water it needs.
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Medical Marijuana, Hemp and Cannabis – History of Use and the Untold Story

Medical marijuana is the rage today in many parts of the US. Decriminalization is the trend. The hemp plant has been used globally for over 10,000 years. Hemp use in protein supplements, skin care, body care, beverages and other foods is increasingly common. This article discusses medical marijuana and other human consumption aspects of hemp - one of nature’s miraculous superfoods and most misunderstood renewable resources.
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Microwaves Dramatically Reduce Nutrients in Food

Microwave cooking depletes food of nutrients. They also can create carcinogens and other toxins. Read Professor Bauman's excellent article citing several recent studies.
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Ron Klatz, M.D., D.O., father of Anti-Aging Medicine exclusive interview at A4M

Dr. Klatz, founder of the world's leading anti-aging medical society, explains why anti-aging medicine works - it is about the prevention, early detection, treatment and reversal of age related diseases
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SyncroDestiny – Attaining Wellness by Dr. Deepak Chopra, an OWC featured member

Deepak Chopra, M.D. on the connection between physical and metaphysical health, elevated awareness, increased fullfillment and spirituality.
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