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What is Optimal Health?

Optimal health can be achieved by applying age management medicine techniques developed by certified age management doctors like Dr. Gosrani.
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Night Eating Syndrome—What is it, and What Can You Do About It?

Here are some signs, some facts, and some things you can do about night eating syndrome.
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Obesity in Middle Age Tied to More Rapid Mental Decline

"Obesity, in those who were metabolically healthy and unhealthy, was associated with poor mental function at the start of the study and greater decline over 10 years," said Archana Singh-Manoux, research director of the Center for Research in Epidemiology at INSERM, in Paris.
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Is Your Waistline Unhealthy?

If you are a man and your waistline is over 40 inches, or a woman with a waistline over 35 inches, you are overweight if not obese and may face increased risks of health problems
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The incidence of childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years, and will continue to rise unless immediate, focused actions are taken to halt this fast spreading condition.
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