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Sleep Disorders

Marijauna Extract CBD Deemed Safe with Increasing Evidence of Medical and Nutritional Benefits

CBD first rose to public prominence two years ago as a result of a CNN piece on medical marijuana. However CBD’s potential as a therapeutic agent has been known since at least the 1970s in the US, when its anti-seizure properties were first examined in animal studies. A few clinical trials were also conducted in adults with epilepsy, some showing positive results.
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Sleep Disorders Raise Risk of Cognitive Decline – Tips to Improve Sleep and Brain Health

A result of ventilation obstruction during sleep, sleep disordered breathing such as heavy snoring and sleep apnea are common in aging. A recent study by staff of New York University's School of Medicine revealed that the people with sleep breathing problems were diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) an average of nearly 10 years earlier than people who did not have sleep breathing problems.
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RENEWAL is an acronym which stands for Rest, Environment, Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Alternatives and Limits which are the principles needed to gaining Health & Wellness. This article will concentrate on Rest. Read my Renewal series to find out how practicing RENEWAL's simple principles can change your life.
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Dr. Andrew Weil: Depression – my experience

Depression has many forms. Worst among them is the kind characterized by deep, soul-crushing despair, so eloquently described in novelist William Styron's 1992 book, “Darkness Visible: A Memoir of Madness,” where he states "The pain of severe depression is quite unimaginable to those who have not suffered it. . . . the grey drizzle of horror induced by depression takes on the quality of physical pain."
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Magnesium Supplements – How to Chose the Best

You may already know about the risks and symptoms of magnesium deficiency -- heart attacks, high blood pressure, aching muscles, migraines, etc. -- and the almost limitless benefits of magnesium supplementation. But how do you choose the best magnesium supplement to buy?
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Sleep Nutrients – Natural Anxiety and Stress Relief

Many natural sleep aids can help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, improve sleep cycles and depth of sleep.
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