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Stem Cell Therapy in the US

Superstar athletes like Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant have attributed recovery from recent injuries to Adult Stem Cell Therapy. Cell Med Clinics in Scottsdale now offers safe adult stem cell therapy right here in the US.
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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Regenerative Joint Therapy – Joint Surgery Alternative

Elite athletes have been using PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, for years to speed recovery and avoid joint surgery. PRP is widely becoming one of several powerful natural therapies used by advanced anti aging regenerative medicine doctors.
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Preventing and Beating Cancer

Since the late 1970s evidence has been mounting that cancer is a man made disease. Increased toxin exposure and lousy diets are the main culprits. Scientific evidence now supports this common sense hypothesis. Not only is cancer preventable, modern regenerative methods for treating cancer are having excellent results.
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Stem Cell Therapy – Natural Medicine Coming of Age – Adult Stem Cell Therpay is the Future of Medicine Today

Stem cell therapy is available today in leading facilities around the world. It is part of natural medicine. The controversy and confusion over adult stem cell therapy's safety and effectiveness is unwarranted.
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