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Modern Day Stress: Supplement Your Lifestyle, by Holly LuCille, RN, ND

A mechanism once activated only in times of “danger” and for survival gets turned on and left on in our modern day lifestyle with no appropriate time for rest or recovery.
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Anti-Stress Herbs: Staying Calm and in Natural Balance

Though allopathic medicine offers an enormous choice of stress relievers, most of them have side effects of some kind, and many people suffering from chronic stress can become addicted to the relief and often the euphoria they provide. On the other hand, herbal remedies come from a natural medicine cabinet filled with stress relieving plants that rarely cause side effects. Herbs prompt the body to release tension in a healthful manner while helping the system regain its natural balance.
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Managing Stress and Staying Healthy Through the Holiday – Dr. Trevor Cates

During the holidays, busy home, social and work schedules can send stress levels through the roof. Combined with cold and flu season this time of year, it’s important to keep your immune system strong to prevent getting sick.
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Sleep Nutrients – Natural Anxiety and Stress Relief

Many natural sleep aids can help reduce anxiety, relieve stress, improve sleep cycles and depth of sleep.
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