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Complimentary & Alternative Cancer Therapies

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Cancer Alternative & Complimentary Therapies

(by Tom Cifelli – reviewed by Dr. Rudderham)

Alternative therapies recognize that any cell in the body can turn cancerous at any time. Therefore targeting the body’s overall level of health and the strength of your immune system to prevent degenerative cell behavior is the focus of alternative and complimentary therapies. To read an article on naturopathic doctors having great success treating ┬ácancer patients, even stage 4 cancer patients, with alternative therapies CLICK HERE.

There is a certain amount of overlap between complimentary & alternative cancer therapies which include:

  • Environmental Detoxification
  • Biologic & Pharmacologic Therapies
  • Herbal Therapies
  • Immunologic Therapy
  • Metabolic Therapy
  • Mind-Body Therapy
  • Nutritional Therapy

Environmental Detoxification

This is not a recognized complimentary therapy but included here due to its clear connectivity with cellular health erosion. In a nutshell, to reduce or minimize your body’s need to defend itself from environmental toxins known to cause cancer or contribute to its proliferation, be aware that all of these listed items play a role:

  • sunlight (UV-B and UV-C are carcinogens)
  • Electromagnetic field exposure (EMFs are linked to cancer)
  • Geopathic stress
  • Indoor air pollutants
  • Ionizing radiation (x-rays, television screens, computer screens, fluorescent bulbs etc)
  • nuclear radiation
  • pesticides
  • herbicides
  • industrial toxins
  • polluted water
  • chlorinated water
  • fluoridated water
  • tobacco smoke (single most lethal carcinogen in US)
  • hormone therapies that increase estrogen to progesterone (birth control and post menopausal HRT)
  • immune suppressive drugs (chemo!, antibiotics, vaccinations and a host of commonly used drugs for diseases that suppress or deplete anti-oxidant and immune support compounds)
  • preservatives and food additives
  • metal toxins (food and environmental sources)
  • dental toxins
  • chronic stress.

Biologic & Pharmacologic Therapy

This category describes non-toxic plant and human cell derived biological compounds. They target attempts to reverse your body’s defense and immune system deficiencies found common in cancer patients. Doctors from around the world have differing theories and targeted methods falling into this category.

Herbal Therapies

Probably the oldest form of cancer treatment in the world, herbal remedies are used to detoxify the body and strengthen the immune system.

Immunologic Therapies

These methods are focused on immune system strengthening to bolster ability to fight and destroy cancer cells.

Metabolic Therapies

Multi-faceted approaches involving detoxification, cleansing, diet changes and supplementation fall into this category.

Mind-Body Therapies

Many treatments not directly bio-chemical based fall into this category including:

  • biofeedback
  • energy work
  • emotional counseling
  • spiritual intercession
  • relaxation
  • massage
  • acupuncture
  • hypnosis

Nutritional Therapy

We saved this for last since nutritional therapy is becoming a core part of all modern advanced protocols for cancer and other disease care treatment due to increasing evidence of a nearly direct connection between diet and disease. As Dr. Cavanaugh, a food chemist at Cornell long ago, is famous for saying “There is only one disease, and that is malnourishment. Disease preys on malnourished bodies.”

For much more information on cancer nutrition therapy, return to our main cancer page and click on related links. Also more alternative cancer therapies are discussed at the end of THIS ARTICLE.

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