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Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News
Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News

Frequently Asked Questions

See ABOUTfor more information.Q: Why should I join today and invite others to do so?

A: These are some of the main reasons:

  • to research and support advancements in mind, body and spirit medicine (integrative and regenerative medicine)
  • to help transform health care through education of the public and health practitioners
  • to promote yourself (all members get free promotional profiles like on FaceBook)
  • to promote your websites (multiple websites can be hyperlinked from your profile)
  • to knowledge share (publish articles and comment on existing articles)
  • to participate in group discussions
  • to find superior and very selective products in OWC’s member store

Q: Does it cost anything to join?

A: No. Its completely free to join, you never have to buy anything, and you are not required to provide credit card, address or other personal information.

Q: If we join will we receive spam emails trying to sell us something?

A: No.

Q: Is publishing on OWC difficult or cost anything for experts?

A: No. It is easy to join and easy to publish. We built custom easy to use tools more powerful than you will find anywhere else. If you qualify, its free to become a featured expert. Regular members can submit articles as well but they will not be featured nor added to our featured expert feed that appears on the home page and is re-syndicated for greater publicity value and public education.

Q: Can I join and promote myself by adding a bio, personal or business information similar to Facebook and LinkedIn?

A: Yes. It is completely free and you may share optional information to promote yourself in your profile.

Q: Can I add my website link and promote books or other items of mine in my profile?

A: Yes. We allow self promotion in your profile. Simply take 10 to 20 seconds to join free, then login and go to your “My Profile” to add personal promotional information.

Q: How do other people find my profile?

A: When you publish or comment within OWC, readers can see your name which links back to your profile. So the more you participate with OWC, the more people that will want to know more about you and link to your profile. From there they can link right to your website. If you are a featured member expert, we have built more functionality in that you have access to and benefit from.

Q: Is OWC another MLM?

A: No. We are not a MLMBut we have built the technology to track referrals on a multi-tiered basis and, when our Beta site releases, it may reflect a free direct member reward system (we filed patents on this technology but ran out of working capital to pursue issuance of these patents or finish the beta site with an operating free automatic member rewards system) will automatically pay cash commissions to members on the spending of members in their wellness network. You can start building your wellness network now and watch it go by logging in and going to your My vOffice.

Refer others and build Your Wellness Network – you can earn free income by helping others.

Q: How OWC intended to be VERY different from MLMs?

A: The main differences intended were (1) Joining is completely free; (2) You are not expected to sell anyone anything. Just enjoy our growing information base and learn and benefit by it and help others if you choose to do so; (3) There are no meetings to attend or invite people to; (4) You do not need to buy anything; and (5) Your privacy is assured – no one will call or email you.

Q: Are there Potential Tax and Income Benefits to Being a Member?

A: Yes there certainly are. Every member becomes, for free with no obligation to ever buy anything, a independent home based sales representation. If you spend any of your spare time referring new members, you should qualify for tax benefits afforded self-employed home based business owners. Watch this informative video by a former IRS agent explaining why: 0 Frequently Asked Questions




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