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Online Wellness Community Natural Health and Anti-Aging News

Green Tea (ECGCs)

green tea 150x150 Green Tea (ECGCs)Research demonstrates that green tea guards against cardiovascular disease in many ways. Green tea lowers total cholesterol levels and improves the cholesterol profile (the ratio of LDL cholesterol to HDL cholesterol), reduces platelet aggregation, and lowers blood pressure.

Green tea has been found to be helpful: cancer risk reduction, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, immune function and prostate health.

ecgc molecular symbol 150x150 Green Tea (ECGCs)The polyphenols in green tea (ECGCs being the most potent) have also been shown to lessen the risk of cancers, stimulate the production of several immune system cells, and have antibacterial properties. Green tea is a naturally rich food source of antioxidants and as such protects the body from “free radicals.” Free radicals are highly reactive substances, if left unchecked, will damage or destroy key cell components (e.g. membranes, DNA) in microseconds. Free radicals are generated in the many thousand mitochondria located inside each cell, where nutrients like glucose are burnt using oxygen to make energy (Mitochondria can be thought of as the batteries that provide the power for the cells to operate.)

Antioxidant protection from free-radical damage is an important major tool in current anti-aging medical practice. Green tea is now widely farmed due to increased demand as a result of its many health tea farm 150x150 Green Tea (ECGCs)

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