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Diet 1500 kcal because of people consume wprzódy quite hearty meals, lead buoyant mode life. Diet permitted add up with a sporty lifestyle (in women) u men nearby of this type of diet be Porac in team sports, swimming, exercise aerobic workout. People exercising in the gym recommend a diet of 2000 kcalKeep in mind that from time to time excessive discount calorie meals slows metabolism while and does not give the desired results. If earlier starting a diet have consumed extremely caloric support of 2000 kcal and more in the beginning you sense longing while will get you It seems that is not that you provide your body with enough food. It will take a few days the creation to the diet.Diet written for 5 meals at everyman of the are 3 combinations of dishes. Meals best eat in the interval 2.5 Р3 hours, last is not still it before bedtime. A day is recommended in addition and Drink until to 2 liters of pillole per il seno

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