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Inositol is a fundamental ingredient of cell membranes and is necessary for proper function of nerves, brain, and muscles in the body. Inositol is essential for helping the cells in the body communicate with one another, a process known as cell signalling.

Inositol exists as the fiber component phytic acid, which has been investigated for its anti-cancer properties. Inositol is involved in cellular responses to the actions of certain body hormones and chemicals that are released from nerves, called neurotransmitters. Used with choline, inositol helps to metabolize fats and cholesterol in the arteries and liver. It also helps to promote the body’s production of lecithin. Inositiol supplements are sometimes used medically for people with diseases that cause disturbances in fat metabolism.

People who are depressed have much lower-than-normal levels of inositol in their spinal fluid. In addition, inositol participates in the action of serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to be a factor in depression.

Inositol is primarily used in the treatment of liver problems, depression, panic disorder, and diabetes.

It also aids in the breakdown of fats, helps in the reduction of blood cholesterol, and helps to prevent thinning hair. It promotes the export of fat from the liver. Inositol is required for the proper function of several brain neurotransmitters. Inositol may improve nerve conduction velocities in diabetics with peripheral neuropathy. Inositol works together with other methyl donors such as TMG or SAMeInositol may help protect against atherosclerosis and hair loss. There has also been the suggestion that it may help to reverse some nerve damage caused by diabetes. Inositol has also been tried for other psychological and nerve-related conditions. Myo-Inositol has been used in the treatment of liver disease, depression, panic disorder, diabetic neuropathy, respiratory distress syndrome, and to treat the side effects of the medicine lithium. Inositol also has a prominent calming effect on the central nervous system, so it is sometimes helpful to those with insomnia. Inositol may also be involved in depression.

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