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Cyrus Rafie, the Medical Physicist at the Center for Thermal Oncology, is one the most experienced user of hyperthermia worldwide with more than 25 years of experience in hyperthermia research and treatment delivery. He is a published expert and speaker in this field. Cyrus Rafie has been involved in hyperthermia treatments of more than 2, 500 patients, totaling more than 12, 000 treatment sessions. The patients were treated utilizing a variety of hyperthermia technologies such as ultrasound, microwave and localized current field, as well as using different techniques (deep, superficial, interstitial) to achieve the maximum result for each patient. Cyrus Rafie can be reached at The Center for Thermal Oncology, (888) 580-5900, or

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Thermal Oncology


The Center for Thermal Oncology is a hyperthermia cancer treatment center, where patients with cancer can optimize their cancer treatment by adding this modality. Hyperthermia is a gentle heat treatment that has been clinically shown to improve treatment efficacy by over 44% without side effects. Hyperthermia treatments can be combined with radiation or chemotherapy, depending on your physician’s recommendation for your cancer type and stage. Our treatments are FDA approved and covered by most insurance companies. (888) 580-5900, or

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    Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy Started with Coley’s Toxin by Cyrus Rafie   6 years ago View Hyperthermia and Immunotherapy Started with Coley’s Toxin Sometimes referred as MBV for Mixed Bacterial Vaccine, Coley’s Toxin was the first attempt to use immunotherapy and hyperthermia against cancer. William B. Coley MD, a bone surgeon at a New York Hospital from 1893 to 1936 developed interest when his first patient, a young girl died from [...]

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