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Hillel Mazansky, M.D.

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Hillel Mazansky, M.D.


Hillel Mazansky, M.D., M. PRAX Med (SA), M.R.C.G.P. (Lond), M.F.G.P. (SA), A.B.F.P. (USA), F.A.A.F.P. (USA). Dr Mazansky is based in La Jolla, California, was formerly from Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr. Hillel Mazansky was born and bred in Johannesburg South Africa. After graduating from the University of Pretoria with an M.B.B.Ch. (M.D. equivalent) in 1966 and following internship, and military service obtaining the rank of first lieutenant while serving in the Medical Corps, he also worked in various hospitals in order to obtain further training in ObGyn and surgery. While developing his practice in Johannesburg he returned to the University of Pretoria Medical School and following three years of intensive study he obtained a Masters Degree in General Practice / Family Medicine.

Upon his return from the United Kingdom, where he was elected member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, he obtained board certification in London and subsequently obtained Board Certification in South Africa.

In 1977, Dr. Mazansky, and his family emigrated to the United States and lived in Cleveland, Ohio. He worked as a Fellow and Instructor in the Department of Family Medicine at the Case Western School of Medicine. While in Cleveland, he obtained Board Certification in Family Medicine and was subsequently elected as a Fellow in The American Academy of Family Medicine. In July 1978 he began private practice in Solon, OH, where he remained until retiring and relocating to La Jolla, CA, where he worked for a short period in a Closed Ended HMO.

For the last 16 years Dr. Mazansky’s interest has been focused in the field of complementary medicine. After investigating various Mind/Body techniques his interest was piqued in the fields of Guided Imagery and Longevity Medicine. He realized that the correct way was to prevent illnesses from occurring with its pantheon of complications, was to engage in a healthy lifestyle using nutrition and exercise as well as Mind / Body techniques. Within modern day practice in America, especially with regard to chronic illnesses, a great deal of time and expense is devoted to a host of various investigative procedures to diagnose disease. Prescription medication is the norm, side effects from which are numerous. These side effects frequently result in severe complications, oftentimes worse than the original disorder, and fatalities occur, especially in a hospital setting.

After thorough and extensive study in Mind/Body techniques as a method capable of healing oneself, it has become clear that the power that Guided Imagery affords a person the ability to assist in a patient’s treatment of one’s physical, and psychological trials and tribulations. Guided Imagery affords a person the ability to assist in the treatment of the personal physical and psychological issues. This enables the practitioner of GI to live a longer, healthier, happier lives. By melding both GI and Nutrition patient will assist themselves in their own treatment.

Dr. Mazansky’s vision of helping in the health and longevity of as many people as possible has led him to begin delivering talks on guided imagery and nutrition to employees of commercial and industrial companies in order to influence positive health outcomes. The advise given to employees to adopt healthy lifestyle techniques healthy life style techniques which result in cost containment strategies and corporate healthcare expenditure containment strategy resulting in reduced health-related costs due to absenteeism and corporate health care spending. Not only will the lives of the employees be enhanced, but a ripple effect will occur within their own families, who will influence like-minded families to follow their new-found health, well being and happiness.

Professional and Community Participation
Dr Mazansky was a past Chairman of the Cleveland Academy of Family Physicians, a district director of the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians and a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He served as director of the Physicians Division of the Jewish Federation in Cleveland, OH., and has had the privilege of serving on many boards and has held offices in many professional societies. In La Jolla he was on the executive board of his synagogue and was the chief of fund-raising for many years. He also served on various parochial school boards. In La Jolla, he enjoys the cultural arts with a particular passion for opera and theater. He has sung in various choirs, often singing solo parts. Yoga practice and pilates plays an integral part of his daily workout routine. Other enjoyments include strenuous physical training, outdoor sporting activities such as zip lining, snorkeling and hiking. National and international travel is another of his passions.

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