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    What is Fulvic Acid? by CJ Comu   7 years ago View The natural world is one big recycling bin. When plants and animals die, microscopic organisms help the matter decompose and, in the process, produce many beneficial byproducts. When this happens in nature, these byproducts are just absorbed back into the soil and, due to their organic composition, end up providing the high energy properties normally [...]

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    EarthWater by CJ Comu   7 years ago View EarthWater was created over millions of years by the action of microbes that break down dead vegetation. Our source is dated at 80 million years. It is a natural distillation of nutrients that contain basic building blocks for plant and animal health. Majority of illness comes from compromised immune systems. “Fulvic Acid” is one of [...]

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    Humic Acid – Health and Wellness Benefits by CJ Comu   7 years ago View Soil contains a wealth of organic matter from decomposed plant and animal matter. A substance known as “humus” is the primary component of that organic matter. As water washes through soil, it washes away the humic acids from the humus in soil. Research has shown these acids to be a very effective tool for regulating [...]

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